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Dimensions: 32’ × 22’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • ATC scm300A
    Front L&R active scm300 towers, C active scm300 horizontal
    • ATC scm.1/15
    subwoofers x 3
    • ATC scm50A
    side and rear surrounds scm50 actives
    • Innous Zenith se
    Music server
    • EmmLabs Tsdx/Dac2x v2
    cd/sacd transport/dac
    • Ayre KXR20
    Stereo preamp
    • Bryston SP3
    7.1 av processor
    • DynamiqueAudio Zenith mk2
    analogue interconnects
    • Audioquest Diamond
    HDMI & usb digital interconnects
    • Epsom Ls10000
    Digital laser projector
    • Vutec Video screen
    12’ diagonal 16x9 unity gain screen, motorised with adjustable horizontal masking screen
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco
    Carbon fibre/aluminium component racks x3

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Those 150’s look stunning, make my square boxed 300’s look pretty utilitarian in comparison. However, 50% of the time they’re used for av, and with the screen down and their black grills on they visually disappear for tv and film. Your comments on the new tweeters are very reassuring, I just wish ATC would get a move on and finalise their larger in-house tweeter for the 200/300 models, they keep telling me soon.....soon....soon....years ago!!! Guess it’s not a priority! You mentioned the larger PMC’s. I’ve been looking into their larger studio active models. I really don’t think I would ever jump ship, but I am having a home dem of their bd2/XBD active system with matching Bryston amps soon. Twin 12” drivers vs 15” although TL rather than ported, should be interesting, my room is 33’l x 22’w x 9’t and really sucks up the bass, I originally auditioned the ATC150 before settling on the 300’s and they just could energise my room.


I’ve always found the EmmLabs gear to sound very musical and organic sounding, even their earlier offerings from 15 years ago had a certain naturalness that I preferred over rivals such as Esoteric, Meridian and even dcs, the latter costing 2-3 times that of the  EmmLabs. ATCs can err to a rather cool sound, but I’ve evolved my system over the years so that what with the newer EmmLabs gears, and the Ayre KXR20 preamp which really has a beautifully natural presentation, has given me my own personal musical heaven. As I said, I’m waiting for the new tweeters, but am slightly worried they may upset the balance of the system. Did you upgrade your tweeters, or were they already installed on purchase, if you upgraded, what are your thoughts on their character vs the older ones? ATC have reassured me that in the unlikely event I don’t like them they will swap them back, they seem to think they are a major step forwards, so we’ll just have to see. The P4 power amps will obviously have to be adjusted to the new ones, but I’m going to combine this with a full service on the amps, which have been giving sterling service over the past 14 years. I can’t begin to express how impressed with the personal service ATC give to their clients I am


And no........I used to pull teeth but am retired now!!! Ben at ATC is hopefully going to instal the new tweeters in my system to beta test them once they’re available


And yes......the predator still resides in the room!!!


The new tweeter still isnt available for the scm 200 and scm 300, only up to the scm 150. I’m first on the list, believe me. Yes, that’s the same system you’ve seen many of you guys still have the same speakers after 14 years? And believe it or not, they’re still current spec!!