Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Usher Audio Dancer Mini Two DMD
    • PrimaLuna Prologue 6 Monos
    • Mytek Brooklyn DAC+
    • Bryston BDP-2
    • Bryston BOT-1
    • Bluesound Node 2
    • OPPO BDP-103D
    • UpTone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply
    • REL Acoustics S/5
    • REL Acoustics R-328
    • Synergistic Research Blue UEF power cord, REL Spec power cord, REL Spec Speakon cable, Tranquility Base, Atmosphere, FEQ, HFTs, XOTs, Black and Blue fuses, Black and Blue outlets, Active Ground Block
    • Nordost Frey, Heimdall, Brahma and Vishnu power and signal cables, QB8 and QB4 power distribution, QK1 and QV2 AC conditioning
    • AudioQuest Cinnamon Ethernet
    • Herbies Audio Lab Footers and Tube Dampers
    • Blue Circle Audio PLC Thingies x 2
    • Ifi Audio AC iPurifier x 4, iPower x5
    • Furman Power Strips x 3
    • Shunyata Research Venom and Viper AC power cords for network and some digital devices

Comments 1

I see you have the Usher Mini Dancer Two DMD speakers!  Nice. I have been reviewing a pair and am buying them!  It took a while for them to burn in; I thought they were on the bright side, but they sure have mellowed while retaining their detail.  

I am also getting a used PrimaLuna Prologue 3 preamplifier in a few days, which should really gel with my current system.  

Anyways, congrats on a cool looking system!



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