Hello friends,

I have been an Audiophile and involved in computer technology for many years, and I have built many digital systems. My experiences have finally led me to this one. In setting up this system, my goal was precise digital into tubes for a natural and musical sound, with a strong visual component to intensify the mix.  

System components- 

Roon remote app on the iPad controls the Roon Core on my Office server, with a Synology NAS for my files.  In the music room, the Roon Ready dCS Network Bridge passes the digital signal to the Berkeley Alpha Reference MQA Dac. This goes into the Ayon Triton integrated amp, which powers the Wilson Sophia 2s.  A long set of interconnect from the Dac connects my chairside Woo Audio WA-3 OTL amp and Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

- Berkeley Alpha Reference MQA Dac - the "heart" of this system is the extremely resolving and great sounding Dac. 

- Ayon Triton Integrated amplifier - the "soul" of this system is a powerful and articulate integrated tube amp - The Ayon with its massive transformers and built-in preamp is the perfect choice

 Of course I take advantage of  a few tried and true audio products - the Running Springs Audio power conditioners, Nordost Sort Kones, and excellent wire by Wireworld and Transparent Audio.

Samsung 55" TV for: Chromecast Roon Display, YouTube, Project M music visualizations, and Art Work Photography. Don't underestimate what our strongest sense (sight) can add to our Audiophile musical enjoyment. It is a huge difference and you will love it. Sitting in the dark is boring.

The system is now complete and it sounds wonderful and the visuals are awesome. I am enjoying the exploration of new music as never before, and Tidal MQA is the beautiful icing on the cake. 

Thank you for looking at my system. 

Please - feel free to post your comments or questions.


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Roon Remote Control for iPad & phone, Roon Core for dual Xeon server w SS hard drive in Office
    • Synology NAS - 4 Hard Drive NAS with 14,000 albums
    • dCS Network Bridge - MQA
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha Reference MQA Dac
    • Ayon Audio Triton Integrated Amplifier
    • Wilson Audio SOPHIA 2 in Dark Titanium Metallic
    • Woo Audio WA-3 OTL Headphone amp
    • Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones
    • Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 interconnect and AES Dac cable
    • 2 Running Springs Audio Duke Power Conditioners with Mongoose powercords - One for the Triton amp, one for the Network Bridge & Berkeley Dac
    • Nordost Sort Kones - AC aluminum ceramic Kones for all 3 components
    • Transparent Audio Music Wave Ultra Speaker Cable

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Hi Spinaker,
Thanks, I love the view in your system photo.


Nice system. Love this Sophias


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