Lots of constraints in this room.  A long and narrow room (15 x 30) that doubles as a dining room and living room.   Lots of openings, so speaker placement was limited.  Difficult to achieve WAF...  Goal of this system was mostly for background music while dining or entertaining with guests.

Very happy with the Bryston Mini T's. Only 23 inches tall, they have excellent base extension, and they sound good from just about anywhere in the room.  The Yamaha drives them fine and stays cool while doing it.

Possible changes:  10 inch speaker stands.  Speaker cable upgrade.  Power cable upgrade.

But mostly, I'm kinda done with this for now.   2 years ago this was a completely different system - the upgrade path was a fun journey.  Learned alot.

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    • Sonos Connect streamer - Wyred for Sound mod
    • Bryston Mini T speakers
    • Kinki Studio EX-M1 Integrated
    • Mojo Audio Mystique V3
    • Signal Cable Inc. Silver Resolution spk
    • Signal Cable Inc. Silver Resolution Interconnects
    • Mojo Audio SPDIF Cable
    • Target Audio Products HR-16 speakers stands
    • Pangea Audio Power Cables

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Oh - a major change since my first virtual system post a year ago:  replaced the Yamaha A-S801 integrated with a Kinki EX-M1.  The Kinki can grip the Mini-T's with much much more authority than the Yamaha.   I'm surprised at how much better it is at driving these pretty difficult speakers.


A couple of recent tweaks and additions with updated pictures.

Like a few here had recommended, I purchased stands for the Mini-T speakers.  Found some heavy duty 16-inch Target HR stands.   It was a bit challenging to find shorter speaker stands - these are working great.

I also added the Mojo Mystique V3 DAC.  It replaced a Schiit Modi Multibit.  Huge upgrade.

New speaker and interconnect cables by Signal Cable.

A few little changes with the Sonos Connect (W4S mod) was helpful:  switched from wireless to wired.  Moved the unit to a circuit that was different than the amp/dac.  Upgraded ethernet cables.   Turned off wireless module inside the Connect - this cuts power to that module.  

Loving what I'm hearing right now.  Playing around with power conditioning, filters, etc. right now.

Next upgrade will probably be to upgrade the Connect to a higher quality streamer.


Lovely room with the glow of real wood, great gear, now waiting for new photos w/ speakers on stands? How about some mid-century tulip speaker stands.


I hear you, guys.  I'm shopping for stands but having trouble finding ones that look pleasing, will support 42 pounds, and are short (10 inches?).  Any recommendations?

FWIW, the speakers are not laying directly on the floor today.  The Mini T's come with factory feet that screw into the bottom of the speakers.  They are about 1 inch high.  Tough to see in the pics.


+1 @noromance

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I'm begging you man, get those speakers off the floor! And even if you can't, place them on spiked slabs of oak or concrete, blocks, tiles or something!


very nice system, but i would be inclined to get your speakers on stands and off the floor so they're closer to ear level.


Your setup looks quite nice to me.  I like how the Yamaha fits into the credenza, too.  Just make sure guests don't set their drinks on top of the speakers!

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