Moved into a new house with most of the old house's gear but much, much better room.

Room Details

Dimensions: 36’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • T+A Elektroakustik PA3000HV Integrated Amp
    Holy crap is this good
    • Stenheim Alumine 3
    Floor stander
    • Bricasti M1 SE
    DAC with M5 network streamer installed
    • Sutherland Engineering Prototype
    I will add comments once this amazing component hits production
    • SME 20/3 Turntable
    • Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua
    .26 MV low output
    • SME V Tonearm
    • Audience aR6-TSS
    Power Conditioner
    • Audience AU-24SX
    8' speaker cable
    • Stillpoints LLC Assorted footers
    Ultras , minis ect.
    • Symposium Acoustics Svelte Platform
    • GIK Acoustics Corner Buster
    • Shakti Innovations Hallograph

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Daveyf, Just saw your post. Thanks, we moved and during setup of 2 large systems I'm sure it's not the only thing I missed. Will correct