In addition to being a 'local' music server attached to my office USB DAC and amp, the 2012 Mac Mini also serves as a Roon Core and "NAS" for streaming music to my Sonore microRendu network streamer in the basement, DIY Raspberry Pi streamer in the garage, and a couple AppleTV streamers in the bedrooms.  All controlled via the Roon App on my iPad touch screen remote. My music library consists of lossless CD rips, 'hi-res' downloads, and Tidal streaming.

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    • Apple Mac Mini
    2012 Mac Mini Intel i7 2.6GHz Quad Core 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 1TB HDD. Running Roon Core. External 12-VDC 10-Amp linear power supply.
    • Intona USB Isolator
    Provides USB galvanic isolation between computer and DAC
    • PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC
    Mac to DAC USB connected through Intona galvanic isolator.
    • Ayre Acoustics AX-7e Integrated Amplifier
    Sweet sounding 60-wpc integrated amp
    • Tannoy Definition D500 Speakers
    6 Ohm nom. 91dB sens. floor standing speakers

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Very nice looking office with beautiful hardwood floors, and free of clutter. 
Looks like a pretty amazing sound system incorperating new technology. I wish I understood it better so I could step out from the dark ages of elementary audio and embrace modern technology's potential like you have. I'm impressed!


Good to see you here- Abe.
Beautiful pics. Happy Listening!


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