Despite all the vinyl stuff, this is a wholly digital system. The analog signal from the phono preamp is digitized at 24/96 in the Metric Halo. After DSP, including digital crossover and room correction, the signal is sent into the Conrad Johnson amps which biamp the speakers. The Overkill Encore speakers are crossoverless, and designed for biamping. More arms and PUs than space on the Verdier. Something is always in the drawer.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Apple Mac Mini
    • Overkill Audio Encore
    • Conrad Johnson Premier 350SA x2
    • Metric Halo ULN 8
    Pro Audio Soundcard. ADC/DAC/Crossover/DSP/EQ/Preamp
    • Manley Steelhead
    • Koetsu Coralstone Plat Cartridge
    • Kondo Audio Note Jp. IO-2 cartridge
    • London Reference Cartridge
    • Fidelity Research FR Mc-44
    • Denon Dl 103 R Soundsmith Gold Mod.
    • SAEC WE 308 L 10.5" tonearm
    • Fidelity Research FR 64 s
    • Fidelity Research FR-64fxs
    • SME V
    • JC Verdier La Platine Verdier

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Yes, those are Mangers. They are placed in rubber cradles on top of the woofer cabinets. The cradles can be freely placed on top of the cabinets to optimise the total impulse response.
Beside them, on the inner end of the cabinets, you see a pair of Tannoy supertweeters.


Great looking system tkr thanks for sharing! Is that a Manger driver I see in your Overkill Audio speakers?


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