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Dimensions: 14’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Turntable stand British Columbia, Canada
    Beautiful maple wood used to make the table for the front end.
    • Convergent Audio Technology CAT SL1 Signature Mk III
    March/April  2018
    New tubes in all 10 positions. Andy at Vintage Tube Services provided tubes using mostly Amperex - Holland tubes. Sounds pretty sweet now.

    The CAT pre-amp started it's life as a Mk II. Updated to Mk III in 2015 but never spent enough time to get it to sound right till now. I will say that the noise floor is extremely quiet. The MK II to MK III change removes 12AU7 tubes in V6 and V7 positions in the line stage and replaces them with 6922 type.

    I will say that some of the depth of the sound-stage and air/bloom around the performers on well recorded performances has been reduced slightly with this upgrade.

    However - the performers seem to come from a black quiet background. Maybe not as magical as the Mk II but definitely much quieter. Almost an inky black background.

    The setup is in a new room - acoustically treated with Real Traps which make a huge difference in sound quality. Overall, a really nice presentation.

    Also, Andy at VTS knows this pre-amp and picked some beautiful tubes for it. Not cheap but nothing great is.
    • Bent Audio MU
    Bent Audio-MU SUT. Uses Stevens and Billington TX-103 transformers potted in dual mono cylinders. This is the copper version, 1:10 ratio which produces a 20dB gain.
    • The David Berning Co. ZH270
    Berning ZH-270 amp
    ZH-270 amp
    Feedback - Low
    Feedback - Med
    Feedback - Normal
    3dB feedback @ 8ohms
    7dB feedback @ 8ohms
    12dB feedback @ 8ohms
    Level control
    12:45 position
    2 o'clock
    full CW
    Output Impedance - measured @ 1amp / 60Hz
    Speaker Damping
    Sensitivity - 70 watts @ 8ohms
    Signal to Noise - 20kHz bandwidth
    Distortion - 4 & 8ohm loads @ 70watts
    Distortion - 8ohms @ 5watts
    Frequency Response - 1Watt @ 8ohms
    +0dB, -1dB / 1.5Hz - 21kHz
    +0dB, -1dB / 1.5Hz - 35kHz
    +0dB, -1dB / 1.5Hz - 60kHz
    Full Power Bandwidth - -3dB @ 8 ohms
    2Hz - 35kHz
    2Hz - 50kHz
    2Hz - 80kHz
    Typical Crosstalk @ 1kHz
    Typical Crosstalk @ 10kHz
    Input Impedance - 25Kohm
    The level control settings are backed off from full CW position for the different feedback settings to equal the full CW position of the Normal feedback settings.
    Speaker damping relates to the control that the amp has over the position of the speaker diaphragm. High damping has the effect of causing the speaker
    diaphragm to start and stop quickly. Its sonic attributes also show up most dramatically in the bass. High damping is likely to give a tighter, dryer and
    more analytical sound. Low damping is likely to give a more open and resonant sound.
    • Real Traps Bass trap
    These bass traps are the real deal - it makes a huge difference in sound quality and musical enjoyment.
    • Anthony Gallo Acoustics Gallo Nucleus Reference Ultimates Speakers

    Specs: 26-20KHz  +/- 3 dB, 90-dB/watt/meter sensitivity

    CDT tweeter:

    330-degree Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer (CDT)

    Kynar plastic with silver metal film (ink) coated over it. No voice coil or magnet is used.


    Dynaudio drivers, 17W75XL04, made in Denmark, 4-ohm nominal impedance.

    Original spheres (bass-balls) are 12” in diameter made out of polyethylene with later production models using spun aluminum. 5-way Tiffany binding posts are gold plated.


    • Nakamichi CR-7a
    One of NAk's best deck. Had it serviced by Willy Hermann in April 2016. Cleaned and calibrated. Runs like a champ!
    • Tandberg Tuner - 3001A
    The Tandberg engineers were given orders at the time to build the best tuner they could so they did - and went a little overboard with this model. Once the accountants in the front office found out how much it was going to cost it was too late. This was big money back in the late 1970's when this first came out.

    Plenty of info on this model. Just a beautiful example from the height of analog tuners.
    • Teres Audio Certus DD440
    Direct Drive

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