Recently did a complete overhaul of the 2nd system in my TV/florida room.   For 16 years, I had a Musical Fidelity XA-1 integrated and KEF Q15.2 speakers.  It was good.  This new system blows it away.  Simple, but significant (and inexpensive).

I purchased the IDA-8 used for $625, and I got the Dentons new for $400.  Probably another $200 in value cables.

I use both digital ins on the IDA-8:  TV and Sonos Connect.  I listen to 100% streaming via Deezer Premium (16bit FLAC).   Very happy with the new system.

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    • Wharfedale Denton
    80th Anniversery.  Walnut
    • NuPrime IDA-8
    • Sonos Connect
    • AudioQuest Type 8 Speaker Cable
    • Blue Jeans Cable Toslink Optical Cable
    • Pangea Audio Audio Premier digital coax
    • Pangea Audio AC 14SE MKII Power Cable

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Beautiful and elegant minimal budget system!
Is there anything in particular to be aware of pairing the NuPrime amp w/ the correct speakers?


Thanks, noramance.  I'll look for those.  Right now, they are sitting on some small rubber adhesive nubs I places on the bottom of each.  Probably only a 1/4 inch high.


Get some brass cones for under the speakers. It will tighten them up and improve clarity and focus.


Thanks for the comments, Scott.  I spent a lot of time researching to put this together.

I was really close to just getting the Kef LS50 wireless, but they were basically $1000 more than this system, they only have 1 digital in, and I had to admit to myself that I wanted the flexibility to tinker down the road.  So my goal when building this system was to create something pleasing that was $1000 less than the LS50w. 

The LS50's do have the built in DSP, but I have miniDSP already if I want to go that route.   And, I can always upgrade the Dentons to the passive LS50's.

This system probably doesn't match the LS50w in sonic quality, but I think I made good compromises.

I'm loving the Nuprime.  I needed something small for the location.  My first class D amp and I'm very impressed.



Fantastic, well thought out, sweet system, enjoy. Love the Nuprime gear. 




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