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    • Magnum Dynalab FT11 FM Tuner
    A real oldie....
    • Audio Note R Zero/II Valve Phono Stage
    For Rega turntable
    • Pioneer SX-1050 Stereo Receiver
    Serves as phono stage to Bang & Olufsen BeoGram 4004
    First audio purchase 1973.  Still love this old fellow.
    • Rega RP40 Special Edition Turntable
    • Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4004 Turntable
    • Audiomat Prelude Reference MKII Integrated Amplifier
    French made tube amp.
    • Triode TRV-CD5SE CD Player
    This CD player includes a tube option.
    • Quad Electrostatic Speakers ESL-63
    Purchased new.  Rebuilt 2017.  Still love them.

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That's a really classy system. And it looks good in your listening space too.


Many thanks for the compliments!!  I started out with the Pioneer SX-1050 in 1973, which gives you a clue I’ve been around for awhile.  Couldn’t afford speakers so joined a bunch of fellows where I worked and we made ourselves exact copies of the big rear projecting Bose 901 speakers.  Then a few years later, fate smiled on me when I read a review in Opera News about how perfectly ideal the Quad ESL-63s were for opera and I knew I had to have them.  Wound up importing them from England along with Quad amp and preamp which saved me a ton of money because they were not only priced much cheaper in England but the dollar to pound ratio was highly favorable at that time.  I was pretty lucky.  One other piece of gear I had and I truly loved was a Meridian 508.24 CD Player which I splurged on and it was a perfect mate for the Quads.  Still am furious that it is out of commission because a replacement transport is unobtainable. Well, I still have my Quads and I  still love my Quads!


echolane - that system looks very nice.  I have never heard Quads; it would be fun to listen to your setup!

- Steve O.

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Awesome looking system echolane! Gotta love those Quads and I bet that Audiomat sounds luscious. Very well done thanks for sharing!


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