Just a few pictures of my destroyed Apogee Full Range speakers. The speaker remains were expertly assessed and deemed a total loss... not even a consideration for rebuilding due to the massive amount of reconstruction necessary and severity of damage...  Note the one included photo taken of one or the pair taken just before crating them. They were in “ Very good and very good working condition”. Adverised price was $10,000, agreed upon sale price : $8000 plus additional shipping.

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    Thank you Mike, Hearing your professional assessment of the packing is both appreciated and informative. You would think something this fragile, large, heavy and essentially irreplaceable, would have earned more care and attention through the packaging process. Not to mention: it should have been well documented for special insurance coverage to reflect such unique status. 
    But no, it wasn’t. I just received the check from the seller for $370....which was the default coverage of fifty cents a bulk-weight- pound paid by the trucking company. That doesn’t even cover the freight charges I paid the seller on top of the $8000. purchase price I sent him. 
    He just told me it wasn’t his problem... and “Oh well, life’s a”. 
    Yup, sometimes it can be.


    WOW, sorry for your loss, i make custom audio stands. i sell on audiogon and other sites. this is a shippers worst nightmare. something bad happened which was the freight companys fault. However who ever built the crate should be ashamed of the selfs, this is the most unprofessional looking crate job i have ever seen. they should have hired someone with experience to build the crate. they should be crated to take some hard hits, if you ever been to a loading dock, it can be a busy place to say the least. You actually have to build a skeleton around]d the item that is to be shipped, so there is no chance the item can shift during transit, which can cause the whole crate to move and crash. i have built stands that are 400 lbs they have to secure to the crate and pallet to form one unit. the crating process takes me a day to do. the shipper has to remember these trucks are doing 70 to 90 mph any quick lane change cam cause a shift in the load. shame on the packer. in the second picture you can clearly see the 2x4 is cut in half to make a 2x2 really a 2x4 is $3.00. and as far as the the guy that made the comment about your speakers he should not be ashamed of himself too. good luck with your claim, Mike


    Hello lucidear, thank you for your helpful advice. To answer your key points: payment made ( at his request) from my bank checking account to his account with copy of check and info. paperwork in my possession along with note on check “Apogee Full Range speakers pd. in full”.
    He chose trucking company , I paid him to “Take care of all aspects of shipping” and he said he would take care of it all for the additional amount he asked for that I then gave him.
    I have not accepted the $360 and won’t because I don’t want this to appear finished. 
    The fine print in his lengthy contract has been modified since my transaction stating that [in even more certain terms] he has essentially no liability after delivery to the trucker... 
    It would be ideal if my local small claims were good up to $10k and can effectively reach out of my state.... I have attorney friends giving varying approaches. Stay tuned and thanks again. Lissnr



    If I recall correctly the limit at small claims courts was going to be raised from  $5k to $10k many years back, don't know if that ever happened or not...
    But I also recall that in some jurisdictions you could file a claim in your home State (vs the seller's location) for a purchase from other States, and then if you got a judgement in your favor you could put a lien on the business in that other state.
    Also if you paid by a Credit Card or Paypal, you could file a claim with them too.
    Who chose the trucking co.? You or the seller? If the seller then I'm sure the responsibility rests with the seller.
    Even if you chose the shipper, you have to see if the court decides whether they (trucking co.) were your agents or not. 
    Also did you specifically tell the seller that you didn't want insurance? If not and the seller chose the shipper then it's between those two entities to solve the issue and reimburse you.
    Lastly, even though a long period has passed since your purchase, the court may look at the last date when the seller promised you updates or compensation etc. ...
    Go to your Local small claims court, or local free Legal clinic, or call a local lawyer to ask these questions.
    You could also google for an attorney in the Seller's location and see if they'd take your case for a percentage of the claim.
    I personally wouldn't accept the $350 or so from the shipper, cause that may release them from all obligations.
    Seek advice from a lawyer or legal clinic, do it soon and don't waste time...
    Best of luck 


    Unfortunately no. No compensation whatsoever except for the previously mentioned few hundred dollars from the trucking company based on uninsured weight. 
    The seller relinquished all of his association with and responsibility for the safe delivery of the speakers I paid him $8000 for once he delivered them to the trucking company. Note I paid him several hundred dollars to cover all shipping and handling costs in addition to the $8K sale price. 
    After numerous requests to at least share part of the loss he offered absolutely NOTHING except: 
    [does audacity get any more blatant than this]:
    “ Significant discounts on any other future purchases I make from him!”. In other words... IF we can assume let’s say a 40% mark up on used items he’s selling... then if in the future I buy another twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment from him.. he’ll graciously sell it to me for only $12,000. and the ‘savings’ I made will be the $8000. he owes me. 
    What a sport!?!
    No... despite all my patient waiting [he told me it would take before the insurance company made their decision], the joke was on me.. he never took out insurance because in his mind it didn’t matter to him... he only had to get them TO the trucker.. 
    It’s not HIS problem after that... only the paying customer’s. 8 thousand dollars of my money clenched tightly in his fist and a splintered case of speaker scraps which were so wrecked they’re completely unsalvageable ‘on my doorstep’. 
    Justice sometimes sleeps.
    Happy Lissn’n


    I'm so sorry this happened to you.  It is unfortunate when something like this happens to beautiful equipment that is outside of our control.  Hopefully you were fully compensated for the loss so that you can pursue other options!


    Gee that’s nice of you to say....


    They probably sound better now. Terrible speaker to begin with


    Thanks millguy_3, and all: it was an absolute heartbreaker... the shipping company has been the only source of compensation to date and only to the tune of a measly $360 based on the bulk dead weight of approximately 700 pounds ... at fifty cents a pound! 
    I’m cerainly one for counting all of life’s blessings and I’m always tremendously grateful and quite conscious of them... but shots like this can be demoralizing...Hard to believe but guess I’ll chalk it up as an unexplainable meant-to-be... or simply a bitter “Lesson learned”.


    My heart goes out to you, lissnr.  It's a shame to see two pieces of audio history like these get wiped-out.  Hopefully, you'll get this settled and find another pair in short order.  BTW, to all the cynics and shipping geniuses out there, the buyer did what they needed to do here, note the bill of lading and take photos.  The delivery driver is almost never tasked with inspection.


    Before pictures are from when the dealer took his pictures for his inventory and on-line sales purposes...which is why the early date... they are legitimate and actual. Only thing is I had meant to download the picture once (it’s the same photo) but was a bit clumsy when I copied it to here by hitting it twice.


    Presumably the before pics are from the dealer that sold him the speakers so who knows how long ago they may have been taken. It does seem a bit odd however.


    Perhaps I'm cynical, but I'd be a bit suspicious since the "before" pictures are dated just over 3 years ago.


    The shipping receipt when the crate was placed on the ground was signed as “Subject to inspection due to crate being damaged”.


    If and only if you accepted the shipment in that condition, then I don't have sympathy.  If  the shipping box looked fine and this is what you saw when you opened it, then that is a whole different matter and I sympathize with you.  So, which is it?


    I am very sorry for your loss. Personally, I wouldn’t have accepted the shipment or the very least opened the crate for visual inspection.


    Man that looks horrible. I hope you got all your money recouped.
    Looks like the shipper expected to much from such horrible crating, expecting too much from a few 2x4s, osb, and hard styrofoam insulation.


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