All done now after 25 years in this great hobby.
One thing I have learnt from this incredible journey is to always keep an open mind about anything and everything.

Enjoy the Music!
Jon  :)

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 15’

Components Toggle details

    • Aurender N100H
    Music server with 2 TB internal storage and 120G RAM cache for playback
    • Oyaide Continental 5S
    All silver USB cable
    • Esoteric N-05
    Hires usb dac
    • MBL N11
    Preamp - truly the heart of the system
    • Bryston 28B SST2
    Monoblocks combining massive power and finesse
    • Kimber Kable Select 1126, 1130, 6063
    Interconnects from dac to preamp and preamp to monos; speaker cables
    • Vienna Acoustics The Music
    Vienna Acoustics flagship.speakers
    • Shunyata Research Power cords
    Alpha digital for music server; others for monoblocks and from wall wart
    • PS Audio AC 12 Power Cords
    For dac and preamp
    • Shunyata Research Hydra Triton v1
    Powers the whole system
    • Harmonix - various footers
    Superb isolation and anti-resonance devices
    • Shun Mook Audio Pendulum stand
    Optimises sound energy paths as appropriate for the room

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Hi Jeff,

Yes. It was an interesting match between the MBL preamp and the Bryston monoblocks. I guess it was sheer luck. I heard the MBL preamp in the showroom and was absolutely smitten by it. 
So upon bringing it home and inserting it into the system, its synergy with the  Esoteric dac, Brystons and The Music was simply stunning. 
The MBL preamp sounded way better in my home system than in the all MBL set-up in the showroom.

Fully agree with you that the ambience and the soundstage of The Music are incredible! So too is their musicality!




How did you end up with the MBL preamp and Bryston amp
A combo that you do not hear together, much.

I heard the music with a nagra tape machine with a trio recorded in a church
My goodness , the ambience and soundstage was unbelievable....

How does it sound



Thanks, jond. 
When I first heard and saw The Music 8 years ago, it was truly love at first sight. 
And today, they sound even better and look just as gorgeous as the very first day.
The exquisite wood and piano finish are quite a sight to behold everyday. J.  :)


Fantastic looking system Jon I'm sure it sounds amazing. And those Music's are lovely speakers to look at as well. Happy listening.


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