All done for now after 25 years in this great hobby.
One thing I have learnt from this incredible journey is to always keep an open mind about anything and everything.

Enjoy the Music!
JonĀ  :)

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 15’

Components Toggle details

    • Aurender N100H
    Music server with 2 TB internal storage and 120G RAM cache for playback
    • Oyaide Continental 5S
    All silver USB cable
    • Esoteric N-05
    Hires usb dac
    • MBL N11
    Preamp - truly the heart of the system
    • Bryston 28B SST2
    Monoblocks combining massive power and finesse
    • Kimber Kable Select 1126, 1130, 6063
    Interconnects from dac to preamp and preamp to monos; speaker cables
    • Vienna Acoustics The Music
    Vienna Acoustics flagship.speakers
    • Shunyata Research Power cords
    Alpha digital for music server; others for monoblocks and from wall wart
    • PS Audio AC 12 Power Cords
    For dac and preamp
    • Shunyata Research Hydra Triton v1
    Powers the whole system
    • Harmonix - various footers
    Superb isolation and anti-resonance devices
    • Shun Mook Audio Pendulum stand
    Optimises sound energy paths as appropriate for the room

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Fantastic looking system Jon I'm sure it sounds amazing. And those Music's are lovely speakers to look at as well. Happy listening.


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