I built this system around the 1 of a kind Mcintosh XR-290 triple column line arrays in white that were Roger Russells personal system .

The speakers are Biamped with the Emotiva XPR-1 1,000 watt mono blocks powering all 8 12" woofers , I use the Emotiva XPR-2 600 wpc @ 8 ohm amp to power the 24 5" midrange and 48 1" silk dome tweeters .

All 3 Amplifiers are filtered through Emotiva CMX-2 line Restoration filter modules ,each amp has its own 20 amp line which is a must for these amps ,all power cords ,XLR's and speaker Cables are Emotiva premier line and the best value in speaker wire I've seen ,the terminations are banana .

The source for the system is the ERC-2 CD Transport with the Emotiva XDA-2 DAC ,all interconnects are Emotiva Premium XLR .

The preamp for this system is the Emotiva RSP-1 2.1 Channel Rosewood preamp ,it is very close to the Mcintosh solid state house sound .

The 3rd pic is of the Mcintosh 5 channel system I've been building & transforming for 15 years. 
I'll post pics of some of my other gear not shown in another virtual system .

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    • McIntosh XRT-28 line arrays as fronts in a 5 channel music & movie system ,McIntosh LS-350 rears,JM Labs Centris dual center channel speakers . Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks,McIntosh Mc-7270 " centers " ,Jeff Rowland 201 Monoblocks,McIntosh C-2500 , Mcintosh MCD-550,McIntosh MVP-871,McIntosh VP-1000,McIntosh PC-4 for Rowland Monoblocks,DBX Mic'ed room correction system ,4 dedicated 20 amp lines for monoblocks & two 15 amp lines for components ,power conditioning by 5 Emotiva CMX-2 & 2 CMX-6 units ,speaker wires,XLR,HDMI,Data link etc by Emotiva .
    The end of the road rig after a 25 year quest has lead me to this system ,all gear is McIntosh unless noted ,upon hearing the McIntosh XRT-28s & having XRT-22 & XR-290 to compare against, the 28s we're so superior in bass response I had to build a system around them,my McIntosh Mc-1201s we're seriously out performed by my Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks driving the 4 ohm 28s so they do the heavy lifting ,for sound reinforcement at ear level I used my LS-350s next to the XRT-28 columns for an XRT-30 type presentation,the 350s are fired by an Mc-252, I decided to build a 5 channel rig that's just as good on movies as music ,I started with C-2500 tube preamp,a MCD-550 CD/SACD for music,an MVP-871 for DVD ,a McIntosh VP-1000 Video Scaler ,for rears I put my McIntosh LS-340s in action & drive them with Jeff Rowland model #201 Monoblocks,2 Jm labs Centris center speakers fired by a Mc-7270 amp I bought here on Agon 18 years ago ,all Racks by VTI,all speakers are biwired using Emotiva spades & banana terminations, jumpers by Emotiva,all XLR by Emotiva,all HDMI by Emotiva,video snake by Emotiva,Room correction by DBX,power cords to all amps are Emotiva 20 amp cords,the rest are a Hodge podge of big name cords I've collected over 2 decades,I ran four 20 amp lines to power all amps and two15 amp for sources ,HT processing currently provided by an MX-130 but as rapidly as McIntosh processors lose 80% of their value I can see a processing upgrade coming soon ,I'm setting up the system now,here's where I'm at so far .

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