Elementary system combining DIY, new and preowned equipment. I'm quite pleased with the sound.

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    • Opera Consonance C-100
    120 wpc integrated amp
    (A hidden gem, as it comprises of a Hegel H-1 integrated amp with a Consonance faceplate)
    • Yamaha BD-S677
    Universal bluray player
    (Excellent sounding all-format player with a reasonable price tag)
    • Rotel RT-940ax
    FM/AM tuner
    (Fine FM tuner with mediocre AM)
    • Seas Froy mk3
    Seas speaker kit from Madisound built up in Paragon Radiant cabinets
    (Superior quality sound using Seas Excel drivers in transmission-line cabinet)

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I have no comment about the components, but I really how pleasant your room looks.


I've had an eye on the Oppo for a while as well as Yamaha BD-A1060 universal player w/ balanced out for only $500, but have read that stand alone CD players still perform better. What is your experience w/ the Oppo vs. your Marantz sacd player.


You may wish to consider an Oppo UDP-205 as a universal player (simultaneously replacing your BD player) and use its dedicated balanced outputs to your integrated amp.  I completely revamped my system (haven't been able to post pictures yet), and I now use the Oppo for SACD and BD.  It's a wonderful all-around player and well worth the $1299 pricetag.


Thanks Jgerman. I do appreciate minimal equipment with a discrete appearance. I would like to add a dedicated cdp w/ balanced output to take advantage of the amps balanced input,as well as a better tuner because I use this source a fair amount. I've always considered a turntable like you have, but would can't figure out where to place it w/o a different audio console.


Well done.  Appears to be a bright, airy, and pleasant place to listen to music.  I like how streamlined your system is, and I’m sure it sounds remarkable.  Do you have plans to add any components down the road?


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