This is a minimalist system based around a Mytek Brooklyn DAC as DAC, phono pre-amp and volume control. The DAC can be used with a remote to control system volume, and includes a phono stage.

I use active speakers -- always better in price-performance. For decades I had separate pre-amps, power-amps and passive speakers (mostly Krell electronics and B&W or Martin Logan spkrs), but I noticed that all the recording studios I visited had active speakers. 

Compared to the investment I had in the power amp, interconnects, speaker cables and speakers, I saved a bunch to get better sound when I traded, first to Genelecs, and then to Adams.

The mid-range (European) active studio monitors (e.g., Adam, Genelec, Dynaudio) are very competitive with audiophile gear, and the high-end brands (e.g., ATC, Barefoot, Augspurger, PMC) are what the music you're listening to is all mastered on these days.

The analog source is a restored Revox linear-drive turntable with a Grado Prestige Gold cartridge

The AppleTV plugs into the Oppo for both video and audio. The Oppo is connected to the Mytek via TOSLINK optical link so that there's no electrical connection between the computer and video hardware and the DAC.

Instead of speaker cables, I use quality microphone cables, XLR-terminated.

Total price < $10,000 for $30,000 sound!

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Revox B790
    Linear tracking turntable with Grado premier cartridge
    • Apple TV
    Apple TV - WiFi-to-HDMI
    • OPPO BDP-105
    Universal disc player
    • Mytek Brooklyn DAC
    DAC + phono pre-amp + control center
    • Black Mountain Cable Pinnacle interconnect
    4M silver interconnects with XLR terminations, for speakers
    • Adam Audio GmbH S2X
    Active/powered 2-way spkrs with ribbon tweeters
    • Martin Logan Grotto
    Corner-mounted 10" active subwoofer
    • Toshiba TV
    • Tice Audio Elite
    Power conditioner

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Those Adams are really sweet! I'm going with active studio monitors next time around. Very nice.


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