martin-logan 13a's, audio research ref6 preamp,krell duo 300 amp,meridian 808.2 cd player, esoteric x-03se sacd player, pro-ject 12 xtension TT with palo santos cartridge, bluesound node 2 streamer , auralic vega dac

very happy with this setup. very transparent with loads of detail -detail- and more detail. it uncovers many layers of music and musical surprises abound ...i.e. familiar recordings are presented in ways that upend my memory. a good thing! 
the powered bass modules within the speakers work very well and provide deep articulate bass especially when i utilized the ARC room correction.

the analog and digital front ends are very similar in performance,but i find myself listening to records more often. why? i don't know .. more fun? lol. is it "better" ? who knows?..i enjoy both

the bluesound streamer definitly sounds better thru the auralic dac...
thanks for looking

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    hi. bubba12....thanks.

    .with rock or any type or music if the recording is good it will mirror it. 

    dire straits sound amazing,for example, pink floyd too. radiohead , beatles led zep,doors,killers, smashing pumpkins....all sound great cranked issues

    i think these m-logans  rock without a doubt



    I like it. How do you like the Martin Logan's with rock music?


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