This is my first and only hi-fi system that I built in the early 2000's. Selection was originally based on what I could afford at the second-hand hi-fi shop, and I built the Adire speakers from a kit that included plans, drivers and crossovers.  May be upgraded soon.

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    • Sota Sapphire
    SOTA Sapphire with (Rega?) tonearm and some kind of shrink tubing damping material around the arm (applied by previous owner). Had Sumiko Blue Point Special that was damaged by a visiting child, currently limping along with a red dot Ortofon MM. I miss the BPS greatly, plan to have it retipped someday when I have the cash. 

    The suspension does sag a bit on one side, may need to tear it apart and replace springs if they are still available from SOTA.
    • GAS Thalia
    This has been a good preamp, although it has gotten a bit noisy despite cleaning the pots. One transistor in the line stage was replaced before I owned it, perhaps it has another bad transistor. Build quality is excellent on this preamp, the board is very well organized.
    • NAD 2400 thx
    Purchased this amp from a technician friend who had salvaged it from a house fire. Plastic front panel and knobs were melted. Amp otherwise works perfectly. I replaced the melted plastic panel with brushed steel that I fabricated.
    • Adire Audio MTM tower, vented configuration
    Built these DIY speakers in about 2000-2001. Recently found my original invoice and paid less than $300 for the components, really a bargain at twice the price as these are some excellent speakers. Can't remember the name of the kit, will update when I find the invoice again. These really shine in the bass department, very deep response that is warm, natural and well controlled. 

    I do wish for a bit more presence sometimes. 

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