Most components have been around for a while. Recent additions include the Funk Firm turntable, VTA phono preamp, and SVS sub. The system plays music and makes me happy. Tubes and analog are my preferences. The Reference 3A speakers are pure magic and they love the SET amp.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Reference 3A MM deCapo-i speakers
    92 dB efficient crossover-less heart of the system
    • Anthem Pre 2L preamp
    Mid-nineties vintage tube preamp
    • Granite Audio Aspen 800 tube amp
    8 watt 300B SET amplifier
    • Vacuum Tube Audio PH-16 phono preamplifier
    Tube phono preamp with optional Lundahl step-up transformer for moving coils
    • Denon 103-R moving coil cartridge
    • Funk Firm Little Super Deck turntable
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD player / DAC
    CD and DAC for Wadia/iPod
    • Apple iPod Classic 160 GB
    Digital out via Wadia transport to 840C DAC
    • Wadia 170 i Transport
    Takes the digital stream (Apple lossless) directly from the iPod to the 840C DAC
    • SVS SB-12 NSD subwoofer

Comments 7

The DeCapos would fit nicely in a large bedroom. The Granite Audio sounds amazing. Classic 300B architecture without tricks and with big heavy transformers. 8 watts that sing, and they make the DeCapos sound great. I have never noticed any interaction whatsoever between the stereo and the piano.


I am curious about the piano being on the wall behind the the speakers ever cause the strings in the piano to resonate at higher volumes?


Looks like a very well thought out system!! I always wanted to try the DeCapos for my 9'x13'x10' bedroom. Does the Granite amp sound as good as it looks?


Thanks for the nice comments. I especially appreciate the "Everything you need for great sound and nothing you don't!". SET amps are wonderful, but speakers must be efficient. I've run the speakers with 40 watts EL34 tube power and 250 watts solid state, but the midrange of the SET sound is warm and revealing. Funk Firm is from the same designer that did the Pink Triangle turntables in the 80s and 90s, Arthur Khoubesserian. Some interesting design features including idler pulleys that even belt tension on the table drive (they call it Vector Drive), and a tone arm with a moveable mass that can accommodate cartridges with different compliance specifications.


What a lovely system!
Not familiar with Funk Firm, but I've definitely heard of the rest.
And I can certainly vouch for the quality of the SVS sub because I have two of the exact same model.


Very nice! Everything you need for great sound and nothing you don't! Clean,  well planned, and versatile. I bet it sounds great! I am intrigued by the SET amps, but have never tried one. Thanks for posting.


Looks like a nice well thought out synergistic system! I bet its a lot of fun to listen to thanks for sharing. And happy listening!


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