A humble system,

Room Details

Dimensions: 50’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • NAD M12
    With Bluos module
    Great clarity with imputs to spareĀ 
    • Perreaux Pm350
    It's the chrome dog-bone front, classic beast that I enjoy. .. although not the final worder. ..
    • Wireworld Wireworld eclipse 6 xlr interconnects
    Clean sound in my setup
    • Stax DM-100A
    Monoblock amps class A/AB via switch. Great retro amps that bring me joy.
    • OPPO Oppo 105D
    Great for those DSD and DFF files, preamp ok compared to NAD M12.
    • Stage Accompany M-57 monitors
    Hefty speakers with ribbon drivers, and twin 12" drivers. In my case run with the crossover switched to passive. great thrugh the range and fantastic for the viseral.

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