Constantly Changing, currently waiting for parts to repair a nice cassette deck to replace the Yorx.

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    • SR&Co. LXI Series Model 564.97960150
    Primary Turntable, from about 1980
    Actual date of manufacturing unknown
    • Sony PSLX-300USB
    Turntable used for Mix Tape making, from 2013.
    • Sony CDP-C325M
    5 Disc CD Player from 1993
    • Sony STR-360Z
    Audio/Video Control Center/Receiver from 1997
    • Yorx R-5285
    Primary Tape Deck from the 1980s
    Actual date of manufacturing unknown.
    • Micca MB42X
    Speakers, purchased 2017

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Wow brings back alot of old memories.

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