Baskets and crocks keep critters off equipment.  Slowly depleting my vintage gear.  Still have the Marantz 1060 with black face plate and black ash cabinet, plus the Sansui AU7500.  Down sized and have no room.

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    • Revel Ultima Studio spkrs
    • JL Audio Fathom 112 sub
    • Pass Labs X250.8 amp
    • Ayre Acoustics K-1xe preamp
    • Avid Pulsus Phono pre
    • SME Model 20-2 turntable
    • SME Series IV.Vi tonearm
    • Audio Technica 33Sa MC cart
    • Benz Micro L2
    MC cartridge
    • Grado Reference Sonata
    Moving Iron cartridge with new Soundsmith ruby cantilever and stylus
    • Jolida JD-100a CDP
    • Furman Elite 15 DM i Linear Power Cond
    • Monster Power HTS 5000 Mk II
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Ref speaker cable, active shielding, 8 ft.
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Ref interconnects, active shielding 3 meter
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator XLR interconnects, active shielding 1.5M
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator interconnects, active shielding 2 meter
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator interconnects, active shielding 1 meter
    • Synergistic Research Tesla T3 SE power cable, active shielding, tuning bullets
    • Synergistic Research Tesla Precision power cable, active shielding, 6 ft.
    • Synergistic Research Looking Glass Phase II interconnect half meter
    • Nordost Blue Heaven digital USB interconnect 1 meter
    • Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cord
    • MIT Cables Power Cord

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  I knew there were grills made for the Revel's top drivers and decided to make my own.  I used acorn nuts to measure the distances between the magnets in the upper unit, then using balsa wood I made the frames to that size. For added attraction I placed magnets wrapped with a couple layers of electrical tape in the corners of the frames.  I guess I could have just used small metal plates, but I wanted a strong attraction.  I then covered the frames with a similar color cloth as the lower unit.  They turned out much better than I anticipated.


  Sold the black Marantz.  Will use the Sansui AU7500 in the garage.  Was surprised today while looking for a part for a buddy's Harley.  Opened a box I thought had a new air filter in, only to find some stereo gear I had thought I mistakenly threw out while moving about a year and a half ago.  My Benz L2 cartridge, a Grado Sonata cartridge which was recently retipped with a new ruby cantilever and stylus, an electronic scale, and other goodies.  Had written them off to lost forever after the move.  Great day!


Great Approach...When U finally Settle In, And Dial In; U come to a realization it doesn't take, all "That" have a good System, and Great sound. this is refreshing!!


That’s one cool setup.


Love the high mag photos and monster speaker photo!


Your Revel speakers are one of my all time favorite speakers.



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