Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures ; will try to post better ones later.

Most gear was acquired in the years 2006-2008.
The composition of my system has been stable for the past 6 years now, when I replaced the MartinLogan Ascent's by the CLX.

All this is installed in a dedicated room with acoustic treatment (front wall and ceiling), which I also use as an home office.

It provides me (and the family) with a lot of pleasure, both for 2 channels listening (90% of the time) and for home cinema viewing.

The only upgrade planned for now is a player/streamer with internal storage, for playing my music files (most CDs were ripped, and I've been buying HD files for some years; I plan to subscribe to Tidal).
I've been using a Mac Mini with SSD disk and Amarra to play the files so far, but I'm considering a move to one of Aurender's products, probably the N100C.

Very, very happy with that system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 30’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Isotek Mira
    AC filter
    • Panasonic Gray Wolf II
    • JCV DLA HD1
    • Isotek Titan
    Pair of AC filters (high current - amplifiers)
    • Isotek Nova
    AC filter (low currents - source components)
    • MartinLogan Depth
    Subwoofer (LFE)
    • MartinLogan Theater
    Electrostatic speaker (central channel)
    • MartinLogan Descent
    Pair of subwoofers
    • MartinLogan Script i
    2 pairs of electrostatic speakers (surround)
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD
    Blue-ray player
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 650T
    • Classé Audio CDT-300
    CD & DVD transport
    • Classé Audio CA-5200
    5 channels amplifier (solid state)
    • Classé Audio CAM-400
    Pair of mono block amplifiers (solid state)
    • Classé Audio SSP-800
    Preamplifier & sound processor
    • MartinLogan CLX 25th Anniversary
    Pair of electrostatic speakers
    • Kimber Kable Bi-focal XL
    Speaker cables (main - 2 channels)

    both low & high frequencies terminations on the speaker end being attached to the binding posts ; the CLX have only single wiring binding posts.
    • Nordost Valhalla
    XLR interconnects between Classé Audio SSP-800 pre/processor and Classé Audio CAM-400 mono-block amps
    • Shunyata Research Python CX Series
    Power cords for Classé Audio components and the 2 Descent sub-woofers

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