This is my streamlined system as of 12/12/2017. I've added an Oppo BDP-105 but removed a Parasound AV-2500 surround processor and VTL 2.5 TL preamp with HT Bypass and NOS Mullard tubes. It's used for both 5.4  surround ht and 2-ch music listening.  The Oppo BDP-105 now serves as the center of my system; used as the sole disc player, preamp, surround processor, DAC, All amps are connected directly from the Oppo; the main L+R Magnepan 2.7QR speakers driven by a pair of D-Sonic class D M-600 mono-blocks (1,200 watts @ 4 ohms) via XLR outputs, Magnepan CC3 center channel speaker driven by a bridged  Emerald Physics EP-100.2 class D stereo amp (375 watts @ 4 ohms bridged) via SE output and Infinity in-ceiling L+R rear surround speakers driven by a Class D Audio SDS-440-CS class D stereo amp (220 watts @ 8 ohms) via SE outputs. 
      An Audio Kinesis Debra 4-sub bass system (virtually identical to the Audio Kinesis Swarm system) all 4  4 ohm subs are driven by a Dayton Audio Sub Controller/Amp (995 watts @ 4 ohms).  My entire CD collection and numerous 24 bit/96khz hi-resolution music files are stored on a  Synology 2 TB hard drive with a Seagate 2 TB backup hard drive.  A laptop running JRiver controls the file selection  to send to the Oppo's dac for conversion to analog and playback.
     I recently added headphone playback to my system consisting of my laptop, JDS Labs OL usb Dac, Aune X7S class A headphone amp and Sony MHR-7Z headphones.  


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    • Emerald Physics EPA-100.2SE
    Class D bridged 375 watts @ 4 ohms center channel amp
    • Class D Audio SDS-440SC
    Class D 440 watts @4 ohms rear surrounds amp
    • D-Sonic M-600 Monoblocs
    Class D 1,200 watts @ 4 ohms main L+R amps
    • OPPO BDP-105
    Blu-ray, CD, SACD, DVD, DVD-A player, preamp, surround processor and DAC (up to DSD)
    • Magnepan CC-3 center channel speaker
    Planar magnetic center speaker.
    • Audio Kinesis Debra 4-sub distributed bass array system
    Four 4 ohm subs driven by a 995 watt Dayton Audio class A/B amp/controller
    • Magnepan 2.7QR panel main L+R speakers
    • Panasonic TC-P65VT60 65" plasma HDTV
    • Jds Labs OL DAC
    usb dac
    • Aune X7S class A headphone amp
    • Sony MHR-7Z headphones

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I have owned both the Merrill and Mola Mola products (all of them) and I have the pictures to prove it.

Contact me at 5196199924 and I will give you the honest answers based on my system, which is pretty darn good.


The system from newbie planet, LOL.


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