This is my retirement system, built for maximum realism and clarity.  The JansZen speakers provide the virtues that ESLs are known for, along with class leading integration of bass woofers.  The Rythmik subs are icing on the cake.  With the subs, the speakers sound much more expensive and impactful when recordings call for that lower foundation.

The Linear Tube Audio electronics allow tube sound to play without the distortion burden of iron core output transformers.  I couldn't be happier with the sound.  The speakers and the provided sound levels fit the room perfectly. 


Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • JansZen Loudspeaker Valentina
    Hybrid ESL loudspeakers
    • Rythmik F12G
    Twin subwoofers
    • Linear Tube Audio MZ2 - used as preamp and headphone amp
    • Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 amplifier
    • Technics SL-1200G
    • Audio Technica ART 9
    • Lyra Delos
    • Bob's Devices SKY 20
    • Don Sachs Phono Stage
    Custom built with all upgades
    • Marantz SA-8004
    SACD/CD player
    • Cerious Technologies Graphene Matrix Speaker cables, Graphene Extreme power cords, interconnects
    • Morrow Audio PH5 and PH4 Reference Phono cables
    • GIK Acoustics Bass traps and diffusor panels
    • Vicoustic DC2 2' x 2' diffusor panels
    Quadratic diffusor panels (6).

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Totally missed the diffuser being listed. Regardless, that center diffuser looks stunning. Jealous over here.

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@toro3 - As noted in my list of components the center diffusor is a tight grouping of 6 Vicoustic DC2  panels, each 2' x 2'.  They really help set a great focus for imaging between the speakers.  On each front corner is GIK Acoustics Bass traps.  They have done a great job of eliminating any bass boom when the sound gets loud.


Love the system. I'm extremely curious about the magnificent diffuser front and center. Tell us more, JSM!

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@cdc2 - the main difference that was clear to me when first hearing the Valentinas was in the woofer integration.  It was always obvious hearing ML designs that the woofer was under the panel and sounded like a separate speaker.  Newer models may have improved on that.  

The Valentinas use twin woofers, on top of and below the electrostatic elements.  It comes across as a single music source and the woofers blend seamlessly.  The acid test is listening to solo piano what covers a broad frequency range.  If you can tell when the woofer takes over, that is not optimal.  The Valentinas also have woofer and tweeter controls at each speaker for room tuning.


My current speakers are the Martin Logan Ethos but I'm tempted by the Valentinas. Have you heard the Martin Logans? What would you say the differences are?


Really nice looking system!  I also have the ZOTL 40.


Nice looking system and room.
Love the acoustic treatments.
I also have a pair of Rythmik subs - great stuff eh?!


Excellent system.  Iconic Turntable with all the right accessories - Step Up, Lyra Cart, & Phono stage.


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