Our move to Nevada and desire to build the ultimate showroom is complete. Thanks to Swedish company SMT and Jeremy of Accurate Construction. The results are well beyond our expectations. In this state of the art showroom we have a complete Thrax Audio system and the amazing Helix 1 turntable by Mark Dohman. All wired up with the amazing Hemingway Audio Cables

Room Details

Dimensions: 39’ × 23’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Helix 1 Turntable
    The Helix 1 turntable is designed by Mark Dohman. featuring Minus K suspension and the Schroder CB tonearm, cartridge being used is the amazing Madake.
    • Thrax Audio Dionysos preamplifier
    As our preamplifier we are using the Thrax Audio Dionysos tube preamplifier.
    • Thrax Audio Orpheus phono stage
    Our Reference phono stage is the Thrax Audio Orpheus tube phono.
    • Thrax Audio Maximinus D/A converter
    Our digital setup is the Thrax Audio Maximinus 32 bit 384 D/A converter.
    • Thrax Audio Hero's and Teres mono blocks
    We alternate between the Hero's pure Class A Hybrid amplifiers and the Teres mono blocks.
    • Thrax Audio Lyra with Bassus
    Our speakers shown are the amazing Thrax Audio Lyra monitors with Bassus woofers. these speakers are incredibly accurate, fast,dynamic,transparent and musical.
    • Thrax Audio Spartacus 300b Amplifiers
    We finally got the new Spartacus 300b directly heated triode monos. Wow!!!
    We cannot believe how good these are. 
    By far the best amplifiers we have ever heard or owned.
     Some of you that have followed us over the years, know the ultra high end gear we have had. Only the best of the best. But I don't think anyone will surpass these for many years to come. 

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Your welcome archguy. The Thrax Audio products are amazing. Are you currently using Thrax gear?


This is the installation which introduced me to Thrax Audio.
Thanks very much for that!


Thank you Spinaker01, yes we love the diffuser and bass traps. They work incredibly well.


Great looking room! I really like the diffuser approach as a nice alternative to absorption panels


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