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Dimensions: 20’ × 10’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • SVS SoundPath Audio Interconnect
    Between Oppo & Marantz
    • Nordost White Lightning XLR interconnect cables
    Balanced between Marantz & Rotel
    • LG Electronics 65SJ8500
    4K UHD TV
    • Polk Audio TSi200
    Side Left/Side Right Surround Speakers
    • Polk Audio CSi-A4
    Center Channel
    • Martin Logan Depth i
    • Dynaudio M30
    R/L Floor Speakers
    • Marantz AV7702 MKII
    Home Theater AV
    • OPPO UDP-205
    Universal Disc Player
    • Rotel RMB-1095
    5-channel amp
    • Dell XPS 8900
    Computer running J Rivers acting as Music/Video Server
    Connected to Oppo via USB for Music
    Connected to Marantz via HDMI for Movies

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Divided Sky is my 13th most seen song 18 times in 84 shows. Looks like a fun system!