A great sounding, yet budget-minded, computer sourced audio system at home.  Worlds Best Cables, Cullen Cable (interconnects/speaker wire and power cords),

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer
    2013 "Trash Can" Running Audirvana Studio/Tidal
    • Singxer F-1 USB/SPDIF Converter
    (XMOS) USB out from Mac --> SPDIF (COAX) to Cal Audio DAC
    • California Audio Labs Sigma II Tube DAC
    Current Tube: Amperex Bugle Boy (12AX7)
    Available Tube: Brimar 12AX7 (NOS)
    Available Tube: Sovtek 12AX7
    • Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amp
    70wpc Class A/B speaker amp
    • Elac Debut Reference URB62
    6 ohm, 2-way bookshelf’s

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I just use one of those cheap, flexible, old-school "T" FM antennas - found it on Amazon for about $7. Works well as I just listen occasionally to FM talk radio at work.

As for the is the most fantastic sounding amp I have owned. I have had Luxman,, Class A, SS, and vintage.  I have been north of $7K for an amp; and this is the one I kept. For the price-point it simply cannot be beat in terms of sonic performance. Admittedly, it is not much to look at but the music is all that matters. The Exposure is a powerful, fast, hard-driving amp with thump and boogie yet smooth enough for long listening sessions. I have found most of the British amps share this sonic trait. Enjoy the pursuit!


Hi Jaymo,
   Nice system. What sort of antenna do you have on that tuner? Also, I've almost pulled the trigger on Exposure gear several times. How do you like it?



Very nice minimal system. I had those JBL l-1 speakers. Quite excellent and hardly known. Nice integrated that I love to own myself.


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