The system components have remained largely unchanged, but for the additions of a large Minus K platform for the turntable, a pair of 15" subwoofers to augment the lowest octaves and the installation of a robust electrical sub-system--powered through a Controlled Power 10kVa isolation transformer. The main change is the room--we relocated from New York to Austin, TX in 2017 and I now have a longer, narrower room that occupies most of the 2nd floor of the house.

Room Details

Dimensions: 31’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Koetsu Jade Platinum MC Phono Cartridge
    • AirTight Supreme
    • Kuzma Air Line
    It Blows
    • Kuzma XL Reference
    the BIG Hogan
    • HRS Isolation
    • Allnic H3000
    Phono stage
    • Veloce Line Stage LS-1 (Lithio)
    This is the 'Gen. 2' version of this line stage with lithium batteries, loaded with the DR version of the 6H30 'supertube'
    • Lamm ML 2
    18 watt SET monobloc
    • grand prix monaco
    equipment stand with carbon shelf and apex footers- for preamp
    • grand prix monaco amp
    with carbon shelf and apex footers
    • Avantgarde Duo
    Very demanding but the effort is repaid
    • grand prix Apex Footers
    isolation feet for speakers
    • kubala sonsa elation
    XLR terminated
    • kubala sosna emotion
    • REalTrap Bass Traps
    all 4 corners plus additional panels to reduce reflections from odd angles of room
    • Minus K Isolation Platform Isolation Platform
    • Controlled Power 10kVa Isolation Transformer

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Bill, I really appreciate the invite, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, and tend to not travel. If you are ever in my area, ( I live on Whidbey Island, in Washington State), an appearance from you would be very welcomed.

Thanks much, regards,

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Bill, yours is a system I would dearly love to hear. It is spectacular in every way, your analog front end is impressive, so much so, it makes me wonder how much I'm actually missing, with my largely DIY system. I haven't heard much to make long for more, but I'm sure yours would.

Just beautiful, what a joy it must be to be able to treat yourself in such a way on a daily basis.


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