My new listening space... 16d x 12w, open on the right to the rest of the house.  Listening spot is 11-12ft from speakers and speakers are 7-8ft apart.  Not as holographic as mid-field listening, but great sound nonetheless.  Love those Lintons...

 My past listening space... 12x12 with wide opening on the right and in the back. Listening spot and speakers form an equilateral triangle, about 6ft1/2 each side. Currently listening to the Wharfedale Linton Heritage!  The Totem Hawks and the Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary are taking a break.
Other speakers that I have owned in this space: Klipsch RP600M, ELAC UB5, KEF LS50, Q100, Magnepan MG12, MMG, Paradigm Studio 40 v5, Vandersteen 2CE Signature, Rega RS5, PSB T5 image...

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Wharfedale Linton Heritage
    3-way, big stand-mount being evaluated right now...Big sound, solid bass, warm tones, good details, great imaging and soundstage. Very likeable speaker if you like sound strong in upper bass / lower midrange.  Compared to pricier speaker, they lack "air".
    • Marantz PM-8004
    Very descent integrated, 2x70wpc, a variation of the Pearl Lite.
    • Totem Acoustic Hawk
    Fantastic small-footprint full range speaker, great soundstage & imaging, dynamic, musical, I would say neutral, they sound much bigger that they look.
    • Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary
    Great little bookshelf speakers, they are not monsters of details and transparency, but they are so musical and so pleasant to listen to that their shortcomings are forgetable.  Uniquely voiced to sound like the 60-70s original Dentons, they are warm, laid-back, never bright, and they make old recordings sound really good.  The quality of the cabinets is unbelievable for the money.
    • SVS SB-1000
    12inch woofer in a sealed box, always cut at 50-60hz to complement my sets of speakers with sub-bass.
    • Yamaha BD-S677
    Best bang for the buck universal player, with a DAC and analog outputs far better than my old MSB Link III.
    • Belden LC-1 Interconnects
    Great connectors and all desirable construction/material/electrical properties.
    • Belden 5T00UP
    About 10 awg OFC high-conductivity, Resistance is less than 1% of the lowest impedance reached by speakers, Capacitance far less than 50pF/ft, Inductance far less than 0.2uF/ft... in other words it is like no cable at all.
    Too bad that it is so expensive. Only a few can afford it.

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bomd, I just got the KEF LS50 a few days ago (pics soon).  Some have found these speakers a little too metallic and bright with solid state amplifiers... Not here, not with the Marantz.  It actually plays them very nicely with all the speed, imaging, transparency and detail that the KEFs are known for, but with some delicacy.  This is probably a great combo.  I have noticed with these speakers that the 8400 "wakes up" when the volume knob is reaching 10 o'clock.  Bass impact all the sudden becomes stronger.  maybe that's because the LS50s are not broken-in yet... time will tell. Also, in terms of quality, I would say the KEFs are at the level of the Totems hawks, the hawks provide a fuller, more balanced sound whereas the KEFs give a lot more pinpoint imaging and depth, and details (they are actually merciless, clearly showing clipping in recordings) like a real studio monitor.  The Hawks let you in deep into the recording that way but not as boldly.


Thanks for commenting... I really like the 8004.  It probably works best with the more dynamic and neutral totem than it does with the wharfedale, as it is a laidback integrated.  I have not tried any other integrated with these speakers, so I don't know whether or not it's a good match.  I am sure there's better.  All i know is i can ear what the speakers are known for.  I just wished it had more oomph at low volumes.