New system Gryphon Kodo speaker and Gryphon Mikado Signature CD player, Kalliope DAC, Pandora preamp, Mephisto stereo power amp.
Zensati Cilenzio power cables and interconnect, Seraphim interconnect/speaker cable, digital cable.

Room Details

Dimensions: 34’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 13’

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    Hi CuongPham,

    I really like your system it is amazing.
    I have followed you many years.
    Now i will be at the 2019 Thailand Triode Fest at Chiang May.
    Ans i will be very happy if you agree to visit you.
    I will be showing the Great Plains Audio speakers at Thailand.
    I will be in Vietnam on the 21 and will stay for 5 days.

    Best regards and Congratulations for your system.


    Hi Ā CuongPham,

    You have a Great System.
    I have been looking at your system since many years ago.
    It would be great to listen to your system.
    I will be traveling to Bankok on January 2019.

    Best regards.