New system Gryphon Kodo speaker and Gryphon Mikado Signature CD player, Kalliope DAC, Pandora preamp, Mephisto stereo power amp.
Zensati Cilenzio power cables and interconnect, Seraphim interconnect/speaker cable, digital cable.

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Dimensions: 34’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 13’

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    Hello VN101606.
    Yes, now I using power amplifier Mephisto stereo for twin tower loudspeaker - mid bass/mid/high with 22 drivers share the workload from 200 Hz to 25 kHz because each Gryphon Kodo bass tower houses a built-in Gryphon power amplifier capable of 1,000 Watts continuous output into the drivers. For ultimate headroom, peak power is approximately 4,000 Watts or 4.5 horsepower.

    The equipment includes:
    - Mikado Signature CD Player, using Zensati Seraphim power cord.
    - DAC Kalliope, using the Zensati Seraphim power cord.
    - Pre amplifier Gryphon Pandora, using two Zensati Seraphim power cords.
    - Power amplifier Mephisto Gryphon, using two Zensati Silenzio power cords.
    - Gryphon Kodo speakers, using two Zensati Angel power cords.
    Signal cable and speaker cable include:
    - Zensati Seraphim Special digital from CD Mikado Signature to DAC Kalliope.
    - Zensati Silenzio interconnect from DAC Kalliope to Pre amplifier Pandora.
    - Zensati Seraphim interconect from Pre amplifier Pandora to Power amplifier Mephisto.
    - Zensati Seraphim interconect from Pre amplifier Pandora to Power amplifier in the Kodo bass speaker tower.
    - Zensati Seraphim Speaker cable for twin tower - mid bass/mid/high