I converted my garage to a music & projector room, installing a dedicated 20amp feed direct from the fuse box/CU with a heavy shielded cable direct to the unswitched wall sockets.

Room treatments include first and second reflection points plus some on the rear wall. Carpet on the floor plus two big sofas help soak up some bass and double depth rockwool in the walls between brick and sound proofed plaster board.

I am using DH Labs Silver Sonic Q-10 Signature Speaker Cables and also DH Labs for the AES/EBU

Power cables are home made with DH Labs Power Plus and AudioQuest silver IEC plus some bespoke wall plugs with silver fuses.

For music, its Tidal (via Aurlaic’s DS Lighting iPhone app) and Spotify connect for friends to be able to access. 

UPDATE Nov 17: Changed my generic XLR cables for a pair of pre-owned Transparent MusicLink Balanced Gen 5 interconnects. 

UPDATE: Nov 17 - replaced all stock power cables with new home made DH Labs Power Cable Plus with silver AudioQuest IEC connectors and UK  Plugs + silver connectors and fuses plus DEOXIT. Should have done this years ago.

UPDATE: Nov 18 - Upgraded the Xindak mono blocks to a Luxman M-600A. 30W (8ohm) 60W (4ohm) 120W(2ohm). Class A to 60w. Improved dynamics and much better synergy with the speakers.

UPDATE: Jan 19 sold the DEQX and bought an Ayon Stratos (Tubed DAC and preamp). Wilson speakers can be a bit ruthless in the top end. Not any more. Loads of detail with no harshness at all. Imaging and separation are addictive. I would reccommend a tubed pre amp to any one with WWP 6’s or 5’s. I tried a 250W tubed mono blocks but they could not cope with the wilsons variable load.  Tubed pre into SS power amp is the way to go.

UPDATE: March 2019 - Added Shunyata Power Conditioner

UPDATE: Sept 2019 - swapped luxman amp for Karan KAS-270. better dynamics, separation, bass. more detail but very natural presentation. Transparent.


Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Ayon Audio Stratos
    Pre-amp / DAC / Tubes
    • Morrow Audio MP4
    Analogue XLR interconnects
    • Morrow Audio SP6
    Speaker cables
    • Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 6.0
    Needs no introduction.
    • Herbies Audio Lab Large Cone/Spike Decoupling & Glider
    Speaker Shoes
    • Sony VPL-HW40ES
    • Karan Acoustics KA-S 270

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Hi Am. Thanks for your message. I don’t have any plans for surround sound and will stay 2 channel. I would like to utilise the active crossover from the DEQX and so the next upgrade will
probably be some more amplification. DEQX is just about to start retailing a new mono block (A250x3) with tri amp outputs, which looks interesting but I will have to keep dreaming for now....