My movie system in the basement. This room will be an Atmos home theater eventually. Now just a basic stereo system with a 75" tv and blu-ray. The Cornwall III's are super efficient and very dynamic. They sound very cinema-like for movies. Recently upgraded to the Marantz KI-Ruby integrated amplifier.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

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    • Marantz SA-KI Ruby
    Reference SACD Player
    • Sony CDP-XA1ES CD Player
    Mid-90's Sony ES CD Player. Just don't hit eject, while a disc is spinning or it goes off spinning inside the chassis, lol. Otherwise works perfectly.
    • Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III
    Klispch Cornwall III speaker.
    • Salamander Designs Archetype 5.0 Walnut
    Open rack with 5 solid Walnut shelves.
    • AudioQuest Rocket 44 spk
    Speaker cable pair.
    • Sony XBR-75X900F
    75" LED TV with full LED backlight.
    • SurgeX SA-1810
    Surge eliminator power brick.

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"The Other Guys" is one of my favorite movies.