22 July: Pictures need updating with some recent changes to the system.

M u s i c

  • Wilson Audio Alexia with IsoAcoustics GAIA Theis 
  • Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier & S250 with Stillpoints Ultra 5s
  • Esoteric P02x & D02x
  • Torus AVR2-16

H o m e  T h e a t e r

  • Wilson Audio Mezzo CST with IsoAcoustics GAIA I
  • Marantz AV8805
  • Panasonic UB9000 4K Bluray Player
  • Bryston 7B3 + 9BSST2
  • 125" ScreenTechnics Tension ElectriCinema 2.37 CinemaScope Screen
  • JVC X7900 4K Projector
  • Krix Atmospheric A20 (4)
  • JL Audio F113 (x2) with IsoAcoustics GAIA I


A c o u s t i c   T r e a t m e n t s

  • Vicoustic CinemaRound
  • Vicoustic Wavewood Diffuser Premium
  • Vicoustic Wavewood
  • Vicoustic DC2

S y s t e m   T i m e l i n e

+ Mcintosh MC501 amplifiers and C220 preamplifier

+ B&W 802 Diamonds

+ PS Audio Directstream DAC, Transport and Power Plant P10

+ JL Audio Fathom F110 Subwoofer

- B&W 802 Diamonds

+ Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2

- Mcintosh MC501 amplifiers and C220 preamplifier

+ Audio Research REF5SE and REF75SE

+ Bryston SP3 + 9B-SST2

- Polk LC265i LCR + LC80

- Audio Research REF5SE

+ Audio Research REF6

- Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2

+ Wilson Audio Alexia

+ Wilson Audio Mezzo CST

+ JVC X7900 4K Projector

+ Panasonic UB900 4K Bluray Player

+ Majestic 100" 2.37 CinemaScope Screen

+ Bryston 7B Cubed

+ Krix Atmospheric A20 (4)

- Audio Research REF6 and REF75SE

+ Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier+S250

- Majestic 100" 2.37 CinemaScope Screen

+ ScreenTechnics 125" EletriCinema Tension Scope Screen

- Velodyne DD15

- JL Audio F110

+ JL Audio F113 (x2)

+ IsoAcoustics GAIA

- PS Audio Power Plant P10

- Bryston SP3

+ Marantz AV8805

- PS Audio Directstream DAC + Transport

+ Esoteric P02x + D02x

- Panasonic UB900

+ Panasonic UB9000

+ Torus AVR2-16

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    @audiohippo can you please describe the S250 sound signature.
    I'm pretty interested into this stereo amp for my next set up.
    Thanks and nice system by the way.