My goal was simple. Accumulate as much stereo equipment as possible before my wife and I decide to have kids. I've had too many friends warn me that when the babies arrive, so does the money that funds your system. A special thanks to my very understanding wife who puts up with me and my constant false-promises that I'm 'done' getting anything new. And to my father, who sparked by incessant passion at a very young age, and who has loaned me more pieces that I can count, much to his dismay.

I've been busy, lots of changes has taken the system to new levels. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 14’

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    • Brinkmann Lagrange
    Two-arm model.
    • Kuzma 4 point tonearm
    • Lyra Atlas
    • Air Tight PC-1 Supreme
    • Vitus MP-P201
    What an f-in amazing phonostage!!!! I complete game changer. Life long product for me. Detail,dynamics, organic....
    • Siltech Cables Double Crown 1.5 XLR
    • MIT Oracle ma-x shd 2m XLR
    From Vitus preamp to VTL amplifiers.
    • VTL Siegfried 2
    kt88 and nos tubes. Stillpoint ultra 5 under amplifiers. Such an improvement over the series 1, which  I enjoyed for 3 years. Series 2 is an significantly better amplifier.
    • Synergistic Research Galileo LE Speaker Cable
    Huge soundstage, great space in between instruments and organic.
    • Isoclean Supreme Focus
    Powercords on my phono and preamp. Very pure and dynamic cord.
    • Synergistic Research CTS 1m XLR
    • Kubala Sosna Elation PC
    Have the cords on my VTL’S  and DCS gear.
    • High Fidelity Cables Ct-1 PC
    Into Preamp
    • DCS Vivaldi DAC
    • Vitus Audio MP-L201
    Awesome Preamp
    • Graham Audio Phantom Supreme
    • AudioMachina Maestro GSE
    • DCS Vivaldi Upsampler
    • DCS Vivaldi Clock

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What a great plan. Wish I had such a plan in place before the kids came. Get the good stuff before the kids come, could be twenty years before one may be self focused again. Oh yes great system as well.