High acoustical output true minimum phase accurate reproducers. It took me several years to design the crossover. The slope is as aggressive as it can be without smearing the frequencies in the time domain.

The amplitude frequency response is +/- 1dB, with a flat excess group delay over the entire audio range. Extremely complicated to do, any slight variation on either of the two plots, and the squarewave is no longer reproduced. Very few loudspeaker manufactures may accomplish this, but with only a first order crossover design. I can do it with a much more aggressive crossover.

I have pumped the drivers with 250 watts RMS per channel continuously over the years, and it has never damage nor blown any of the midrange or tweeter transducer drivers.

A very special  crossover design. Further more, the speakers must be matched, in order to avoid creating any phase shift for the critical listener, such as I. Contact me at for more info.

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    • Custom Made Dunlavy Speakers reproduce squarewaves Alesis Reference amp
    I designed this crossover. It slopes well over 18dB per octave and still reproduces square waves. I can optimize the acoustic output power without creating any more phase issues than a 1st order crossover.

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Very cool set-up. I really appreciate the high power and very large gauge speaker wire. I can imagine the music has an authority and ease to it. Thanks for sharing.




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