This is my main system - the room is not ideal, the real stuff will come at a later stage, but the sound is still quite amazing as the gears have total control over the speakers, with the bass being extremely firm, limiting bad resonances in the room. It also has opening on both sides and at the back which helps a lot as well. If it was closed I would be death today with less a quarter volume level. The sound is the best I reached to date. Just about everything is there; very high resolution, balanced, precision of image and huge soundstage, incredible presence mostly due to the DC drivers and the pavilion, transparency, separation, timing, organic like liveliness, all playing as a coherent whole, and attack and dynamics are just phenomenal. The supertweeters add a lot to the resolution, precision and transparency and is an absolute must in my opinion with these Westies. I am thrilled by the fact that a future dedicated room (about 8W/10L/5H mts) will make this experience still better.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 21’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Gryphon Mephisto solo
    Mono Power Amplifiers - Each: 200W ClassA with ZNF stable down to 0.025ohm (6,000W) - 500,000mF - Extremely low output impedance for huge speaker control - 110kg
    • Legato Audio Legato Referenza Superiore
    Power cable for amps
    • Coincident Speaker Tech Statement Power Cord
    Connecting AC to all digitals and gears except power amps
    • Tellurium Q Silver Diamond
    Silver Diamond top range for all signals, except for Masterclock using BNC fully Coincident Statement digital cables
    • Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop
    Dedicated laptop, full SSD + 2TB external SSD, playing JRiver
    • GigaWatt PC-4 EVO - DCB
    Power conditioner and surge protector, with DC blocker. Used only for digitals and preamp, and low power gear. Gryphon amps not connected to it.
    • Tannoy Prestige Supertweeters
    Supertweeters, magnesium alloy dome tweeter, efficiency & roll-off tunable
    • Tannoy Westminster Royal GR
    High efficiency, back folded horn, 15'' dual concentric speakers
    • Benchmark AHB2
    Power amps, in mono configuration, each powering one Tannoy Prestige Supertweeters
    • Kiseki PurpleHeart
    MC Cartridge
    • Origin Live Conqueror
    • Origin Live Sovereign mkII
    • Esoteric E-03
    • Esoteric Grandioso C1
    • Esoteric K-01X
    CD Player
    • Esoteric G-01X
    • Esoteric Grandioso D1
    DAC, one for left and one for the right channel
    • Esoteric Grandioso P1
    CD Transport

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Wow what a fantastic system hddg! Lots of great gear and very well displayed and so jealous of those Westminsters! Happy listening!


Amazing system and very well laid out (rack, etc...); great choice in Esoteric's finest, the speakers and the system overall,...must sound amazing! Congratulations!


Hi guys, thanks for your nice comments. I am relatively new to Tannoy. Congrats on your systems!!


This is a magnificent system. Contrary to popular belief, Tannoys like, and respond well, to high power. I use daily 500 Wpc Class D to drive mine, my other amp, of all things, is an SET 300B, which also sounds a treat with my custom HPD 315's.

What did you mean, when the real stuff comes along?

Regards, and enjoy,


You like Islandman and many others are lucky enough to enjoy Tannoy traditional designs.

Wonderful setup. Have you always had Tannoys or is this a new experience?


I am absolutely drooling at the sight of those Tannoys! What a setup!


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