Any comments appreciated. I'm a music lover that pretends to be an audiophile type. I definitely can use help.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 15’

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    • Arcam FMJ-CD37
    Plays SACD and cds. I have been happy with this player but have never had a super expensive player to compare.
    • Project Audio Debut Carbon (I think)
    I bought the inexpensive Project table. It sounds great to me.
    • Panamax 5500 regenerator
    An older model. Not sure if this is helping or hurting. I use it to protect the equipment. Lack of outlets in the wall also.
    • GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference
    The best I have owned.
    • McIntosh Mc452
    Some don’t like the McIntosh brand and I can’t fathom it.
    • McIntosh C50
    Great preamp
    • Blue sound Vault 2
    Great streamer and cd ripper.

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Thank you mjcmt. I am enjoying it.


Thanks johnvino01. I'm pretty sure my room and setup could use some work but I'm pretty happy. I can't afford any changes anyway. LOL.