Phono Preamp.

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Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Martin Logan Montis----Audience AU 24 SX--- Speaker Cabling
    Floor Standing Electrostatics. Upgraded Birdseye Maple Cabinets

    Stereophile Class A Recommended Component
    • Pass Labs INT-60---Audience AU 24 SEi---Power Cable
    60 watts in 8 ohms-120 watts in 4 ohms. The first 30 watts are Class A.
    • VPI Industries Prime Signature-Rosewood---- Audience AU 24 SX---Interconnects
    VPI Prime Signature Rosewood-with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze (low output moving coil) cartridge. I also have a Stereo Squares cover protecting this gorgeous turntable.
    • Pass Labs XP-17---- Audience AU 24 SX (XLR)--- Interconnects
    Phono Preamp---Audience AU 24 SE-LP---Power Cord
    • Apple Mac Mini / External Thunderbolt Hard Drive
    I use this as one of my source components. I store flac files on the external drive. I use J River media player on the Mac Mini to organize and play them.
    • Schiit Audio Yggdrasil- Analog 2 ---Audience AU 24 SX (XLR)--- Interconnects
    Audience AU 24 SE LP Power Cord
    Probably as high up the DAC food chain as I'll get. Spectacular DAC
    • PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant---Audience AU24 SE---Power Cable
    Besides iron clad protection of my gear. Its amazing how quiet with the blackest backgrounds I've ever heard in my system. Love my P-10
    • Hubbell Porter Ports
    I recently ran 2 dedicated lines from my panel to my 2 new Porter Port receptacles.
    • TimberNation 3-Shelve Custom Component Rack.
    Spectacular, solid maple component stand.
    This is the Tiger maple wood grain.

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New Pics soon to be added...due to recent changes/upgrades.


Nice selection of components. Congratulations!


I had a Pass X150.5 and it changed just about everything. Great amps.  I’ve been looking for an INT150 to replace a BAT - Pass is just better. 
Enjoy - nice setup. 


851- My interconnects are a combination of Mogami, Discovery Plus 4, and Kimber Hero (balanced). Interconnects are the weak point of my system. I eventually plan on replacing them all with Audience SE's. 
I love the Cambridge Azur 851 D. I was considering replacing it with the Schitt Yiggy....but that's on hold. I'm currently very happy with this DAC.


That's a really nice assemblage of equipment. Great job all the way around!


Hello sir, how do you like the sound of the Cambridge 851d?. also what interconnects do you use?. I sounds best balanced.


Have to say, what a clean look and approach to what must be a very satisfying system, would love to wrap my ears around it.


Nice choices with your system. Really like the looks of that VPI Prime in walnut!


I'm sure it must be thrilling to listen too. With that gear the old digital vs. analog argument must seem kind of moot. Well done.


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