It's been a long journey getting to this point. I started building this system about ten years ago, and have made a few mistakes along the way. Now I feel like it's really coming together. I just recently changed my cartridge from the fine Clearaudio Maestro v.2 to a Rega Apheta 2. I considered many other MC's, even ones costing over $1,000 more but I decided on the Rega because I could at least be a lot more sure of good alignment and VTA with the Rega arm. I'm glad I did because it really sounds fantastic. I would describe the sound as vibrant, lively, kinetic and luminous. It's a very fun cart! 

Owning a busy bakery that's in a town with a strong summer tourist surge in business, I usually try to upgrade once a year, often selling a few pieces first. This summer brought the JC3+ and the Apheta cart. I have to say that I can't imagine wanting to change anything next year; it's become a very harmonious stereo. 

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    • Rega Scratch Built
    This phonograph features a rosewood plinth from Audiowood, Groovetracer sub-platter with a sapphire bearing, acrylic platter, Incognito wired Moth 303 arm with a Rega Tungsten counterweight, and IsoAccoustics Gaia III feet. I also added a Cardas phono box due to a faulty RCA plug (and the desire to shorten the length of the cables that are standard with the Incognito rewire mod.) I would enjoy the opportunity to audition it side by side with a top Rega to see how it compares. With an Apheta 2 paired with the Parasound JC3+ I can't imagine that it would be too far outclassed.
    • Accuphase E-470
    The E-470 is everything that I could ever want in an integrated. Beautifully engineered, exquisite in construction, and full functioned; it also has the power needed to bring the best out of the ATC's. And I'm a sucker for those luminous meters.
    • ATC SCM-19 v.2
    Stout, sealed two-way monitors that tell it like it is. They thrive on power, but play with finesse and quite shocking dynamics.
    • Parasound JC3+
    I've had some nice phono preamplifiers before but this unit might be my last. It's extremely lively and just plain fun to listen to.
    • Audiodesk Systeme Pro
    Any one who loves vinyl should try to obtain an ultrasonic RCM.
    • JL Audio Dominion D108 (pair)
    These sealed subwoofers are fast enough to integrate seamlessly with the ATC's. They will not plumb the deepest sound effects in the latest blockbuster, but sure do a fantastic job of filling in another musical octave below where the SCM-19's taper off.
    • ModWright Oppo BDP 105D
    I can't add much to the great body of writing done on this player except to say that it has been a joy to own. A great DAC married with a player that will stream just about anything and will play nearly any disc in any format.

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Thanks Rego,
    I now moved the ATC 19's to my office and replaced them with ATC's relatively new 40's for the wall. The same as the ATC SCM40's, the HTS40's still fit in our shelves, but they take up most of the middle shelf. Wow, they're ATC's and they can really kill it!


Literal Book-shelf's ... ATC ... Yes! ...


Ok, so I see the audio setup here. Very nice indeed. Perfect wood plinth turntable to go with a MCM home. That Accuphase looks fantastic as well. Cheers!


Mmmmm...Accuphase goodness. Fantastic system!


Your turntable is just gorgeous.  I'm sure it sounds great also.  Looks like a wonderful room for music !


What a cool setup with quality components and an aesthetic that just made me smile. Love the room.
Well done!


Hello Mr. 1854k, stop in any time and ask for Oran!


your system is really tight! see you at the Bakery soon!


Thank you, cymbop....

And bdp, I forgot to mention that the feet act as suction cups too, they really grabbed on to the polished wood surface of my rack before I moved it atop the Parasound.


I might just try the Gaias myself. Harry Weisfeld loves them on his KEF Blades.


You've built a wonderful space for music.  Congrats.


Hello, thanks for the question. The Gaia III's are designed for speakers, but my local audio dealer had them on the shelf so I could look at them before I bought them. They came with three different sized threaded posts so it was easy to find the proper sized brass inserts at Home Depot. But adding the feet was simultaneous with adding the JC3+ and the Apheta 2, so it's hard to say if I would have been able to tell the difference between them and the cones I had before. Those weren't attached so it was inconvenient when moving my 'table, which I do often because I spin records at my bakery/cafe on Monday nights. But, my turntable is very stable, I sure can't hear any modulation from footsteps are bass waves and the sound is very solid. So.... they're great!



How do you like the IsoAcoustics isolation feet?


Thanks, and yes: my next system might have some kind of a highly-efficient speakers with 300B based amplification, either vintage or classic in its design ethic.


Really a stunning collection of well thought out gear, that anyone would be proud to have. Congratulation.
Onto another note, with you vintage home have you ever thought about assembling a top-end vintage tube system as a second system?


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