Pure 70'  dirty motherfucker  cinema room

Room Details

Dimensions: 0’ × 0’  Small
Ceiling: 0’

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    • Abbey Road Cables Reference Speaker Cable
    cables main speaker from England
    • van den Hul Magnum, Royal Jade
    cables speaker surround from USA
    • Yarbo SP 8000
    cables power
    • AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI,Diamond XLR,
    cables digital from USA
    • VU + Solo 4K
    top sat source
    • Screen Innovations Black Diamond-120 with light
    big frame cinema screen  from USA
    • Sonus Faber old Home series /2x Grand Concerto, 2xConcerto,2x Concertino,Voice, 2x Gravity sub
    italians elegance and feeling
    • OPPO UDP 205
    sweetness source from USA
    • JVC DLA-X5500
    pure HDR image from japan
    • Anthem AVM 60
    brain from canada
    • Elipson Audio 4x L atmos
    french design ball
    • Primare 4x A 34.2, 1x A 30.7
    power from scandinavia

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