Sold off the Audio Physic Avanteras and the Norma Amp as I was not getting the setup to give me any real connection with the music and performers.
It was more hifi than music, more head than heart if you know what I mean.

The combination of the Guarneri Evolutions and the Luxman L-590AX running in pure class A has gotten me much much closer to where I want my system to be sonically. The Luxman also has a very nice phono stage so I sold off the BAT.

Guarneris are now sold and current speakers are Pure Audio Project Trio15TB.

The system is geared towards rock/metal and electronic music, with some singer/songwriter material as well. I rarely listen to jazz or classical.

Been in the hobby for 20 years now and the system is ever changing and evolving.

Best regards, 

Ola from Sweden

Room Details

Dimensions: 40’ × 15’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Pure Audio Project Trio15 TB
    Sold my Guarneris and subs in pursuit of a more sensitive/easier to drive speaker with more jump factor and I found a pair of the PAP Trio15TB locally at a good price.
    Really happy with the change so far.
    • Audio Note Kits Dac 4.1LE
    Excellent dac from ANK.
    Non oversampling, transformer coupled, tube regulated power supply. Fitted with black gate caps and some nice NOS tubes.
    • Luxman L-590ax
    • Kuzma Stabi S
    • Kuzma Stogi S12 VTA
    • Lyra Delos
    • Solid Tech Hybrid
    • Shunyata Research Anaconda Helix Alpha
    • Acoustic Zen Technologies Satori
    • SMT Wing Diffuser
    • Yter Flexum

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Badass! Really nice!