1991 - 2021

I n t e g r a t e d  A m p l i f i e r s:

Roksan Caspian M2
Chord CPM 2600
PrimaLuna Prologue One
Audio Refinement Complete
JVC AX-Z1010
Nakamichi Receiver2
Onkyo TX-8511
Technics SA-EX320
Sony TA-F170

S o u r c e s:

Hegel CDP2A mk2
Cambridge Audio 851N
Marantz Marantz NA6005
Rega Saturn
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD
Audio Analogue Paganini
Marantz CD6000 OSE
Nakamichi Music Bank 2
Onkyo Integra TA-6711
Technics RS-TR232
Technics SH-GE90
Pioneer F-676 

S p e a k e r s:

ProAc Response D1
ProAc Tablette Reference 8
Cabasse Farella 400
Bonsai Akustik Vertikal
Wharfedale Emerald EM-97
Jamo Classic 8
Jamo Classic 4
Pioneer CS-757
Sony SS-E312

S p e a k e r  C a b l e s:

Tellurium Q Black II
Blue Jeans Cable Ten White
Kimber Monocle XL
Exposure Speaker Cable
Ecosse MS2.3
Kimber 8TC
Kimber 8VS
Chord Odyssey
Chord Carnival
Van den Hul The Royal Jade Hybrid
Van den Hul Clear Water
Ixos 6002 Super Gamma 7
Jamo 2x4,0 mm2
Profigold 2x2,5

I n t e r c o n n e c t s:

Belden 8402 XLR/RCA
Cardas Golden Reference XLR/RCA
Belden 1800F Balanced XLR
Analysis Plus Digital Oval RCA
Wireworld Eclipse 5.2 RCA
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval XLR/RCA
Ecosse Maestro MA2 RCA
Chord Chorus RCA
Cardas 300B-MicroTwin RCA
Kimber Hero RCA
MIT MI-330 Plus RCA
Van den Hul The Second RCA
Chord Chamelon Silver Plus RCA
MIT Terminator 2 RCA
MIT Terminator 5 RCA
Profigold RCA

O p t i c a l  C a b l e s:

TCI Coral Digital Optical Audio Cable 
Supra ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect
Dh Labs Deluxe Toslink
QED Performance Optical Graphite 

C o a x i a l  D i g i t a l  C a b l e s  F to F:

Belden 1694A, 1695A, 4694A, 4505
QED Reference STV Satellite Cable
Oehlbach XXL Transmission Ultra S
GB Quad Shielded Coaxial Satellite Cable
AudioQuest HD6-Forest
IXOS Premium Quad Shielded Satellite Cable
Monster Essentials F-Pin Cables
Mediabridge Coaxial F Cable

E t h e r n e t  C a b l e s:

Pacific CAT8
Belden 1305A
AudioQuest Carbon CAT7
AudioQuest Pearl CAT7
Audioquest Pearl CAT6
Belden 7965ENH CAT6
Belden 1888ENH Cat.7A S/FTP
Meicord Opal
Blue Jeans Cable BJC C6AP
Chord C-Stream
Supra Cat8
Supra Cat7+
QED Performance

P o w e r  C a b l e s:

Kimber PK10
Kimber PK14
Russ Andrews YellO Power Cable
Merlin Huntsman
Oehlbach Powercord C13
Oyaide EE/F-S2.0 V2
VH Audio Flavor 1
VH Audio Flavor 2
Belden 19364
Belden 83803
Belden 19364 | 83803 Combined Design
JPS The Digital AC
Analysis Plus Power Oval2
Supra LoRad 2.5 MKII
Audience Au24 powerChord
Ecosse Big Red
Ecosse Big Orange
Cardas Golden Power
Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler
Cardas Cross Power
Cardas Quadlink Power

A c c e s s o r i e s:

Isotek Evo3 IsoPlug
Sonorous RX6040
Target MR60
Dynaudio Stand 1
Soundcare Super Spike
Wireworld Matrix 2
Allocacoc PowerCube Original
Black Noise Six
iFi Audio iPower (12 V - 5 V)
Ifi Audio DC iPurifier
Magic Dream Cable Risers
Finite Elemente CeraBall
E.A.T. Tube Damper


Room Details

Dimensions: 11’ × 8’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Hegel CDP2A mk2

    CD Player

    • Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

    Network Player

    • Roksan Caspian M2

    Integrated Amplifier

    • Proac Response D1


    • Cardas Golden Reference XLR

    Network Player > Integrated Amplifier

    • Van Damme UP-LCOFC Hi-Fi 6,00 mm2
    Speaker Cable
    • Belden 1305A
    15 Meter Ethernet Cable
    • Analysis Plus Digital Oval

    CD Player > Network Player

    • Target MR60
    Loudspeaker Stand
    • Sonorous RX6040
    • Soundcare Super Spike
    Loudspeaker Stand
    • Blue Tack Adhesive
    Loudspeaker - Stand

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Hi, 851N connected with Cardas Golden Reference XLR cable to amplifier.


Hi, how is your 851N hooked up to?


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