Small room for my Maggies, need acoustic treatment asap.

Otherwise very satisfied with my equipment so far. Looking for an upgrade on the power amp. The Odyssey Khartago is really brave, but I feel like the sound could really improve with more muscle, be it a Stratos/Kismet within the same brand or something like a Sanders Magtech or a Gamut.

Room Details

Dimensions: 11’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Odyssey Audio Khartago
    • Audiopax Model 5
    • McIntosh MCD-301
    • AC Organizer LC-111SE
    • Magnepan Model 1.7
    • Sunfire True Sub jr
    • Vincent PHO-700
    • Marantz TT-15s1
    • LessLoss Audio Devices Original

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