Franco Serblin the chief designer for Sonus Faber Cremona the orignal version.  Powering these musical speakers is a Vac 30/30 Triode 300b Renaissance Signature series.   Dynavox Dynastation Mk4, fully tube cd player, running on pure 12v battery power supply.   Who say that digital can't compete with Lps.  If i may, close if not better than most Lp costing 30K+.  One of the most appealing and pleasing unit not only to look at but pleasant to the ears.    Never heard of battery operated tube cd player?   It doesn't get any better!  Come to think of it, all units are tube base, can that be possible??  Happy Listening!!

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Sonus Faber Cremona Original Series
    Very musical speakers
    • Blue Circle Bc-21.1 preamp
    Unit has been modded to the full extent
    • Dynastation tube Cd player Dynavox mk4 full tube cd player
    Powered by 12v battery
    • Vac Renassiance Signature 30/30 Triode amp
    Vac 30/30 signature series
    • Custom Maple rack/stands Diy rack
    Diy audio rack 5 shelves with equipment stands
    • NBS Audio Cables Black Label power cords mk2
    Power by nbs Black label power cords mk2
    • NAF 845 Special Edition 845 Monoblock Amplifier
    NAF 845 single parallel single ended
    • Nbs 3s speakers cables Speaker cables
    Nbs 3 s 10ft
    • Convergent Audio Preamp
    Convergent preamp

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For sound treatments, I recommend you check out GIK Acoustics.


I've actually run the 40.1's with a 30/30 MKIII years ago.  Granted it was a bit underpowered with complex passages at higher volumes, but the big Harbeth's have a very benign impedance curve and are reasonably easy to drive in my experience.  I also spent a long stint with the VAC Ren 70/70 Signature, but after having to pack up and ship the 135 pound behemoth to send it in for repairs a few times, I realized it was too heavy to deal with over the long haul.  The VAC Ren series are great amps... I wonder if VAC will ever get back to a 300B based push-pull amp as I feel they need to mix things up a bit and depart from only making KT88 based amps.

I'm currently using a VAC PHI 200 and will likely soon have a EL34 based vintage Music Reference RM9 MKII that I can interchange with the VAC.  I've always thought I'd get another VAC 30/30 when the right opportunity presents itself (or 30/70?).  

Your 30/30 is unlike any version I've seen before.  What driver tubes are those and what other changes went into the amp?  Did VAC do the mods?  It looks really slick!


Let me know if you are ever considering selling your 30/30 Signature, as I am interested.