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Dimensions: 19’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Spatial Audio M3 Sapphires
    • Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 Reference
    Mullard EL34's
    • Sonnet Morpheus DAC
    as needed
    • Harbeth Super HL5 Plus
    w Sound Anchors
    • Audio Research Reference 110 and 75
    KT120 output tubes
    • REL Acoustics Storm 3 Subwoofer (Pair)
    Deployed as needed
    • Conrad Johnson ET5 Line Stage
    • Ayre Acoustics K5xe MP Line Stage
    as needed
    • Ayre Acoustics P5xe Phono Stage
    • Hegel Music Systems H20, H160
    as needed
    • MHDT Laboratory Orchid, Stockholm 2 and Istanbul
    w caps upgrades and 6922/6SN7 tube conversions
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. M Scaler and TT2 Hugo
    one of several DACs
    • Bluesound Node 2i Streamer
    Digital out only
    • Modwright Sony NS9100ES SACD/DVD 5687 Output Stage
    • Carver Crimson 275 Tube Amplifier
    • Well Tempered Labs Amadeus w Koetsu Black
    • Oracle Audio Technologies Delphi mkIII w Origin Live Rega Arm and Dynavector XX2
    • Mapleshade Golden Helix Cables
    • Zu Audio Cables
    • Shunyata Research Power Conditioning
    • Sony SCD-1 Vacuum State Level 5+ SACD (back up) player
    • ProAc D30R Speakers (backups)
    • Quad ESL-63 speakers (back ups)
    • Proac D15 Speakers (back up)
    • Audio Research VT100 Mk 2 Tube Amplifier (back up)
    • VAC Renaissance 30/30 Amplifier (back up)
    • Conrad Johnson Premier 16 LS 2 (back up)
    • Townshend Audio Elite Rock Mk3 TT with Rega RB300
    • Audio Research Reference 3
    • ATC SCM 10 and 20 actives
    as needed, backups, second system
    • Auris D1D Dac
    • Audio Mirror Tubador 3 SE DAC and SET 45 6c33 monobloc amplifiers

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Wow, you have so many loudspeakers!
How do the ProAc D30s sound in your room? What are the genres of music that you primarily listen to?