Here some impressions of my system. I am pretty happy with this setup, which was quite a challenge as I am living in a loft. The walls left and right to the speakers are covered with 8'x16' canvases which help the room tremendously. The speakers are raised on concrete blocks. There is a lot of room for improvement, especially with the preamp components. The Woo Audio products enjoyed a short stay with me and made their way back to the manufacturer - amazing product in every way!

More HiFi pictures here:

Room Details

Dimensions: 57’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 14’

Components Toggle details

    • Monster Cable Sigma
    • Monster Cable M1000i interconnects
    • PS Audio AC5
    • Benz Micro ACE SL
    • Origin Live Onyx
    • Oyaide Record mat
    • Acoustic Signature Final Tool
    • Rogue Audio Rogue Sixty-Six
    • McCormack Digital Drive DAC-1
    • McCormack Digital Drive SST-1
    • Audio Physic Scorpio
    • Wolcott Audio The Presence P220M

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Hi Kupoe38, I needed an integrated amp due to space, was torn between the Pass Labs INT 250, the T+A 2500R and the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP tube. Went with the T+A, very slick and sounds great for a Solid State. Just sounded the best to me out of the 3 (also considered Ayre integrated). T+A is very popular in Europe and gaining here. I am now upgrading my DAC to a Chord Dave. I do highly recommend T+A equipment.