This system has now evolved into a 2-way. Much better sounding than the 3-way. 
My best DIY attempt at speakers so far. Yes, it may look unsightly to some. But it puts a stupid grin on my face when I listen to this setup. It is not as smooth sounding as the Wayne Parham 4pi Speakers (in pic). But it does sound more agile and tighter than the Klipsch Cornwall II.
Airy presentation with unforced detail. Guitars, snares, voices in the room. Spooky realism, dynamics and soundstage. Speakers are 10 ft apart. Instruments and vocals hover all over and hold their place! Superb coherence. 

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    • DIY (Labor of love pair) 2 -way high efficiency full range
    This system has now evolved into a 2-way. Much better sounding than the 3-way.
    JBL 2247J/2385 horns + JBL 2242H. Great soundstage, drum solos sound live, voices are spooky real and in the room. Snares are palpable. Cymbals, high hats sound live. Bass drum kicks are felt hard. Stunning detail and dynamics. Thoroughly enjoying my records and digital media all over again. 
    • Sonos connect
    Digital audio hub
    • CEntrance Dac mini
    • ART Accessories Cleanbox pro
    unbalanced to balanced converter
    • Behringer DEQ2496
    RTA, DEQ, PEQ, etc ... invaluable measurement tool
    • Behringer DCX-2496
    3-way active crossover
    • QSC Audio CX254
    super smooth sounding beast of a 4 ch power amplifier. Unobtrusive silent fan.
    • QSC Audio RMX2450
    solid for subwoofer ... but fan noise occasionally may get intrusive
    • Crown International XLS-2500
    beast of 2ch power amp. what fan noise? i love it!!!
    • Crown International XLS-1000
    2 CH power amp. no fan noise. i love this lil' puppy.
    • Sansui PR-3060
    Sweet turntable that's probably older than me. I picked it up from an older gentleman on CL. As good or better than some of the budget gear from Rega, Music Hall etc.) trust me I have owned quite a few of those brands.
    • Shure SC35C MM cartridge
    Now this is a super budget gem! I like it better than the M97E model. It comes close to conveying tonal colors of the Dynavector DV-10x but not as good as the DV-20x2. But for $40 bucks ... it is the budget king!
    • Cambridge Audio 640p
    My first phono pre from almost 10 years ago! I will never let this go... it is a another classic budget piece with solid performance.
    • JBL JBL 2242H
    18" mid bass and woofer. fast, articulate and deep. Sounds live!
    • JBL JBL 2447J with JBL 2385 horn
    Compression driver 1.5" 16 ohm with bi-radial horn. The dynamics from midrange and vocals and smooth HF is stunning.

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Thank you guys. Thoroughly enjoying the journey.


Wow. That looks awesome. Dynamics is so important and you have it!

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if it puts a grin on your face thats whats important. Looks good from here


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