Mac 2200 preamp, mono Crown amps xti200 900 watts each for subs,with electronic crossover built into amps,  Odyssey Stratos mono amps high current ,for driving Magnepan 3.7 speakers,Sota Nova turntable with vacuum hold-down  ,Cambridge music streamer  , Wyred for sound digital converter,. 2 Vmps larger subs (hiding behind magnepans)  handling bass below 100 hz. This system has incredible dynamic range . in my opinion 3.7 magnepans can only play the most dynamic rock passages  with good subs and high current amps. The crown amps are only $500 each and you can customize the bass crossovers using your laptop for seamless integration with the maggie 3.7. and a huge 900 watts for each subwoofer. They have the new 15" and 12 " aluminum drivers that control the whole room.  . The mono stratos are only rated at 135 watts but they can put out about 600 watts into 2 ohms and can handle the low impedance of  the magnepans better than any amp i know of for a reasonable price . you need the Furman elite  20 amp power conditioner because the system pulls alot of wall current and this furman adds another octive of bass control.

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    • Odyssey Audio stratos mono extreme version
    high current amp that can drive magnepans without getting hot
    • Sota star vacuum table sota nova
    suspension turntable with vacuum hold down 
    flattens warped records 
    • magnepan 3.7
    ribbon speaker , extremely revealing 
    needs sub- woofers for loud music 
    • parasound halo integrated amp
    the Swiss army knife of audio:
    high quality DAC,
     good phono preamp.
    good crossover for bi-amping 
    good 160 watt amp 
    • VMPS audio larger subwoofer
    VMPS larger subwoofer contains a 15"  and 12" aluminum cone 
    woofers with heavy magnets, and a downward firing passive 15"
    these subwoofers are powered by its own  crown mono amp 
    • Crown International xti 2000 amps
    great sub-woofer amps . puts out 900 watts mono 
    you can adjust the crossover slopes and frequency 
    cutoffs using your lap top plugging into the amps usb port 

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why did I remove the Mac 2200 preamp and replace with the halo integrated?
answer : to  tri-amp this system using a smaller maggie desktop system with two magnepan bass panels being driven by the Halo integrated amp . I plan on purchasing a mini maggie system and using the small speakers to fill in the 3rd center channel and give a more open sound stage. Since the small mini maggies sound similar to the 3.7 speakers , they should blend coherently also the bass panels will integrate the current vmps subs to the panels . Then I will use the built in crossover and run the 3.7 down to 80 hz 
and that will take a lot of strain off the 3.7s should blend better with the bass and achieve higher cleaner output. 


So I had some early Kismet in Stratos monos powering my 3.7i's, but then I switched to a Sanders Magtech and was blown away.  If you listen above 75db, you should check out the Magtech.  I do not believe the Odyssey amps are nearly powerful enough to drive Magnepans at high volumes.  They get really harsh.


the each larger vmps subwoofer contains a downward firing 15" passive cone and a 15" and a 12"  alumn cones woofers with huge magnets.
the crown amps are amazing subwoofer amps and you can set up the crossover , slope, frequency cutoff in real time while listening to the speakers via your laptop and slide the frequency curves and hear the best point for your room . the magnepans needs a good pair of subs . a stero pair of subs always sounds better , i a;lso have  the odyssey mono stratos extremes work better than any amp i have heard with the maggie 3.7 because they can dump over 100 amps of current into the load down to 2 ohms. they dont run hot , great hall space sound ,i have real traps panels behind the woofers to absorb some of the bass. 
also look at the kartago mono amps, just make sure to get extreme version 


Nice set up. Are the subs behind the Maggie's down firing or forward firing? If the latter how do you deal with someone interference? What did you try before the Odyssey Stratos? I am looking at them as a potential upgrade path.


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