Updated picture in new living space. Sounds very good even with uneven wall space, semi near field. I do miss vinyl but just need to think of moving records and storage and the loss fades away quickly.

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Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Dynaudio Platinum C1
    Dynaudio Platinum C1 with Stand 6 replaced Verity Audio Parsifal Encores. Loved the Encores but the C1's will do in a smaller room after a move. The Stand 6's are very prone to vibration, this has been eliminated with 25 lbs of aquarium gravel inside and Stillpoint USS footers. The Stillpoints made more of a positive difference on the Verity's but there is an improvement in attack/decay and mild removal of a little haze in the soundstage. Not sure I would spend new retail on the Stillpoints for this application given cost benefit but since I already have them they will stay. Overall happy with the C1's.
    • MSB Technology Analog DAC
    Analog DAC with upgrade power supply, Quad rate USB and I2s modules. I listen streaming from an Aurender also mentioned. I use the Analog DAC as my preamp of sorts and it really works well. I like the volume control. Stillpoints and HRS Nimbus are small upgrades but worth it.
    • MSB Technology Universal Media Transport V
    For spinning discs. I still like physical media and this really works well. Sounds great. I use it for SACD, HDCD and Redbook, but most of the time I stream. I was a little worried about long term support but called OPPO and they assured me that they still can do repairs on their first ever DVD player and they expect to be able to support this transport for many many years with regard to the transport mech. The MSB part is less likely to need any repairs ever. I use two of the standard power supplies.
    • Aurender N100 SSD
    I had this made up special by Aurender with a Samsung Pro SSD 1TB hard drive, ( 10 year warranty by Samsung on the hard drive ). I store HiRes files on the Aurender and use a Synology Slim 414 NAS for Redbook storage. Neither one has even close to 1/2 of it's capacity being used and I have no shortage of music. I also play Tidal at Redbook resolution through the Aurender. Works really well. Easy to control with iPad.
    • Herron Audio M1A Mono Amps
    This is what is left from my previous all Herron system that was primarily for Vinyl playback. I love the Herron equipment and they sound so good. I do recommend replacing the stock feet with Stillpoints Ultra Minis, there are appropriate adaptors to screw them right in and the HRS plates also help. Herron put the money into the amps components and not the case work and the above tweaks really helped. Drives both my previous Verity Parsifals and the C1's with ease.
    • Audience Adept AR6
    AC conditioner and a great one at that. I have had this for a lot of years and it just works great. I did find the the Stillpoints most important with this piece compared to other components of my system. I also use Audience Powerchord SE power cords on all components.
    • Quadraspire SV2T Bamboo Rack
    Not cheap but not super expensive either. Much more went into the design than I expected. Very solid and looks nice in a small room. No more industrial look.
    • Nordost Frey Spk
    2m Frey speaker cable. My only non-Audience cable. They sound good and since I bought them new I plan on getting my lifetime guarantee. They will only go if I upgrade my whole system to a six figure system upon retirement. ( Which is unlikely ). I did try the Frey II with my old system to compare and I and the dealer did not notice a significant change, this may be system dependent.
    • Audience AU24 SE RCA
    Interconnects for MSB Analog DAC to Herron amps
    • AudioQuest Diamond USB and Ethernet
    They seem to work will. Some improvement from lower levels, perhaps noise cancelation due to DBS? No need to change at this time.

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Well, I moved in December 2017 to Northern Idaho. System set up is about the same and I remain very happy with it. I have gone quite a long time without any changes or "upgrades". Hmm, I wonder what that means. I also have to admit I no longer read the audio magazines which tell me that the new "XYZ" is so much better that the last. I continue to listen every day and may even be doing more dedicated listening to my stereo than ever. I do miss vinyl but I didn't miss moving 2000+ LP's across the country.


New MQA module for MSB Analog DAC. Very very nice. I really like the MQA, streaming Tidal through my Aurender H100SSD and the sound is really fantastic. Discovering lots of new music and really enjoying the system. I really like the upgrade ability of the MSB dac.


Boy, the system is really singing now. I am really surprised at how nicely it has all come together. The sound is breathtaking. The stilpoints on the speaker stands still surprise me.


I agree with the speaker comments. Out of all the rotation over the years the monitors "sound" has always been pleasing, calm and realistic. I see myself with a monitor , all tubes , system in my future.


Looks great! I really like the C1 Platinum speakers. Sometimes, simple is better. Good luck!


Surprising discovery. I have been, at times, missing my Verity Parsifals having moved to the Platinum C1's. I put the Stillpoints on the stand 6's earlier this week and did notice a small but not huge change. Put I am realizing the the depth, lifelike articulation, and soundstage that was not quiet what I was used to with the Verity's has been back all week. A friend came over today to listen to some music and wanted to hear a Sonny Rollins HiRes download he has listened to a lot and remarked that the system sounded different, better, and claimed the speakers must be finally broken in. He did not notice the Stillpoints until I pointed them out. So, even though the difference was small at first listen it really has changed the listening experience.


The Dynaudio's are very nice, it was a safe move from the Verity's as I went from the older C1's to the Verity's about 8 years ago. I like the Audience, they make one a little different for Naim gear that had some input from Naim who generally don't like power conditioners. Yeah, it is pretty close to dedicated but not like my old room. Thanks for your comments.


Lovely setup! LOVE your speakers, Dynaudio will be my first choice when mine will finally fall apart. How do you feel about adeptResponce? It is highly recommended for Naim gear, so I guess it should do some things right...?
your room looks pretty "dedicated" to me, if you look in the "right" direction ;-)


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